Climate Deniers: A Rare Breed in America

According to the latest research, the vast majority of Americans both Democrat and Republican embrace the veracity of anthropogenic climate change and want the government to do something about it. However, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress, a solid majority (58 percent) of Republicans in the current Congress deny the existence […] Read more

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Survives Gunshot to Head in Tucson Shooting

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was amongst more than ten people shotafter a gunman opened fire outside a Tucson, Arizona supermarket. Several people were killed in the shooting including a federal judge and a nine year-old girl, according to law enforcement sources.  Thesuspect is in custody. President Barack Obama, called the shooting an "unspeakable tragedy" at a televised […] Read more

States acting to head off solar panel bans

Among the millions of Americans who live in communities governed byhomeowner associations, there can be unexpected difficulties for thosewho are interested in converting to solar energy. Media reportsaround the country have long brought up the occasional dispute between a property owner and their homeowners association over the use of solarpanels – not to mention other […] Read more

Google Energy Head Discusses Climate Change Investment By Congress

Google’s director for Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, DanReicher, told the Senate committee considering climate changelegislation that “It is essential that Congress address this seriousenergy R&D short-fall by incorporating President Obama’s goal of$15 billion per year in federal energy R&D spending in finalclimate legislation.” As we pointed out in an article in Grist yesterday,this figure […] Read more