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Santa Goes Green! (but where is Hanukkah Harry?)

Santa Goes Green! (but where is Hanukkah Harry?)

This year, even Santa Claus is going green! Instead of using reindeer to pull his sleigh, the man in red has upgraded his travel system to a sleek, photovoltaic solar powered sleigh. Don’t worry; because Santa Claus travels at night and the North Pole remains mostly in twilight during winter months, he spends the months


A Solar Holiday Season

A light bulb turned on over Jerry Phlippeau’s head a few years back when he decided to make solar-powered outdoor lights. He originally pictured rope lights that homeowners could wrap around fences or mail boxes in places that were harder to reach with extension cords. It was just white rope lights to start, and then

A Jewish Heart for Africa Shines During Hanukkah

Picture an African village at night. It is completely dark. Look at the continent of Europe above (pictured left); and Africa below. Notice a stark difference? In Africa, village children struggle to study and complete theirhomework by candlelight. The medical clinics are closed. Emergencysurgeries and nighttime births are performed by the light of a leakingkerosene