Japan Solar: En Fuego

Japan has just passed 10 GW of installed solar capacity to join an exclusive club of 5 countries that can boast that amount: Germany, Italy, China and America.  Japan joins two other countries in passing that milestone this year: China and the USA. Japan’s growth puts it on the way to retake the solar crown. […] Read more

Distributed Solar Generation: 220GW by 2018

A recent Navigant Research report anticipates that the world will add 220 new gigawatts of distributed solar photovoltaics by 2018 as solar comes into parity with other energy sources, creating $540.3 billion in revenue in the process. That’s a significant jump in the amount of solar that is currently installed throughout world, which the European Photovoltaic […] Read more

Situation: New Jersey Hits 1 GW Solar Milestone

You’ve got hand it to New Jersey. For a non-Sunbelt state, it kicks ass in solar power. This is something we’ve noted before, but it deserves mention now, because sometime in late February, the state hit the 1-gigawatt mark in total installed solar electric capacity, according to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities [PDF]. […] Read more

World Solar Capacity Passes 100GW Milestone

The cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity of the world crossed the 100-gigawatt milestone in 2012, to reach over 101 gigawatts, according to figures from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. The new global P.V. capacity generates as much electricity annually as 16 coal power plants or nuclear reactors of 1 GW apiece, said E.P.I.A. The solar association […] Read more

China’s Solar Growth: Holy Cow!

China is upping its solar target once again, after having done so several times in past couple of years. Last year, China raised the target to an eye-popping 21 gigawatts (GW) by 2015, and the new target of 35 GW is 67% higher than that. That means, in just 3 years, China will have added […] Read more

California Solar Installs Pass 1GW Milestone

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) announced the State of California has officially surpassed one gigawatt, (GW) or 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar energy generation during the month of December. The CSI installed 1,066 MW by the end of 2012, and one gigawatt of solar electricity can power over 200,000 households. “California has the most customer-side […] Read more

California Passes the 1GW Barrier

California is the first state to pass the 1 gigawatt (GW) mark in solar that’s generated from the 99% – average homeowners and businesses that have solar on their rooftops. 1.255 GW of solar is being generated by over 122,000 rooftops, and the growth is largely attributable to a big pick-up by low-income and middle-income homeowners. The California Public Utilities […] Read more

Solar: Powering 50% of Germany

Europe’s ‘economic powerhouse’ can add solar to its epithet. Germany’s solar power plants reached a generation milestone of 22 GW of electricity per hours. That is the same as 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity. According to a Reuters report, that amount of electricity fed into the national grid on Saturday (May 26) met […] Read more

Saudi Arabia Getting 41GW of Solar?

Saudi Arabia’s energy advisor is recommending the country diversity its energy mix by adding 41 gigawatts (GW) of solar, 17 GW of nuclear, 4 GW of geothermal and waste-to-energy capacity over the next 20 years, reports Reuters. Electricity consumption is rising rapidly because of its growing population and subsidies. It’s now supplying electricity from crude […] Read more

Outlook: 2012 Chinese Solar Industry

The Chinese solar industry will achieve unprecedented growth in 2012, adding more than 2.8 GW. The strong growth of Chinese solar in 2012 is due to both the 12th Five Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development (2011-2015) and their feed-in tariffs (FiTs). In February, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology posted a plan that […] Read more

$0.70/W PV Coming in 2012

GTM Research publishes the Polysilicon 2012-2016: Supply, Demand & Implications for the Global PV Industry report, a comprehensive analysis on global polysilicon markets, including the technologies, business strategies and economic roadmap for the industry. To learn more, click here. In 2011, the solar industry saw global oversupply drive PV prices to record lows, with crystalline silicon (c-Si) module […] Read more

Dubai Launches 1GW Solar Power Project

It is natural that the oil-rich regions of the United Arab Emirates depend heavily on this natural resource to meet their energy demands. Using oil and natural gas, the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) produces 7,361 MW (or 7.361GW) of power. In reality, this is sufficient as the peak demand has never crossed 6000MW […] Read more

Solar in India: 33.4 Gigawatts by 2022

India has set tremendous solar power goals for the coming years. In the wake of escalating energy crisis, India has better chance to shoot onto the solar power map in near future. The county will get 33.4 gigawatts of solar power installed by 2022, says an estimate from Bridge to India. The figure is better […] Read more

China Solar Boom Hits 16 Gigawatts

While the steep fall in solar prices is a real problem for manufactuers, it’s resulting in a boom of solar installations in China, where project developers are seeing significantly improved internal rates of return. The non-residential PV project pipeline in China grew to 16 gigawatts (GW) at the end of October, according to the Solarbuzz China Deal Tracker. […] Read more