11 Jul

Chinese Solar Inverter Market: Ready to Launch

Greentech Media

The U.S. and European solar photovoltaic module market is dominated by Chinese solar panels from …

11 Jul

Smart Grid to See More American Investment than Electric Vehicles


Smart grid growth in Canada and the United States will likely encourage greater investment in …

09 Jul

Solar Potential in The Middle East and North Africa

The Solarserver

The nations at the nexus of the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, along with …

05 Jul

Big Growth for UK Solar Farms

Green Chip Stocks

United Kingdom is seeing a raft of new Solar Farm projects in the 20-50 MW …

03 Jul

What Recession? Solar Industry Experiencing Rapid Growth

Green Chip Stocks

Investment in Solar Energy sector jumped by more than 50% y/y to around $150 billion …

19 Jun

Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heaters: Big Growth Ahead


As solar gains in popularity, it’s drawing attention to one historically logical solar application – …

19 Jun

Solar Growth: Mostly Rooftop or Utility?

Greentech Media

Along with the emergence of three distinct ownership models (customer-owned, third-party-owned, and utility-owned), the U.S. …

17 Jun

Global Solar Buildout: Hockey Stick Growth

From a very small base, and from a tiny position in world energy supply, the …

14 Jun

India’s Solar Industry: Scale is Key

Cleantech, Applied

India’s solar industry is finally taking off, but before it can make a meaningful contribution …

13 Jun

U.S. Solar Costs Drop and PV Installations Surge

Great news coming out of SEIA’s highly anticipated US Solar Market Q1 2012 Insight Report. …

09 Jun

BIPV Growth Showing Continued Growth

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announced its latest report this week on the building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) …

31 May

In Focus: India’s Solar Industry

The Solarserver

The feed-in-tariff (FiT) market in India is governed by various national and state policies. Solar …