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Japan: The Land Of The Rising Sun?

Japan: The Land Of The Rising Sun?

So it seems like Japan is going to try and accomplish what former Prime Minister Koreyiko Takahasi was unable to achieve back in the 1930′s with his Keynesian experiment. Regardless of how current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts at reflation play out I do hope that he doesn’t meet the same fate as Mr. Takahasi who was


WOW: China’s Clean Energy Output Increases 48%

Bloomberg reports that China has increased its clean energy output from October 2011 to October 2012 by 48 percent. The country now generates 92.1 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy. China’s State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) issued a statement last week that clean energy sources, including hydro and nuclear plants, equals 20.4 percent of electricity.


In Focus: Corporate Sustainability in 2013

Despite ongoing economic difficulties around the globe corporate spending on sustainability is expected to increase in 2013. However, we still have a long way to go before sustainability is where it needs to be to reverse our dangerous trajectory towards runaway climate change. A Verdantix study indicates that corporate spending on sustainability, environmental, and energy


Sustainable Investments Trending Up

11.2% of all investments under professional management in the US meet “sustainable” investment standards, a rise of 22% over the past two years. Whether it’s through mutual funds or individual stocks, investors are continue to increase their exposure to companies that rate high on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors, according to the biennial


Infographic: Solar’s 5 Year Climb

It’s been a wild five years for U.S. solar power. Record growth. Incredible price declines. A backdrop of economic recession. Intense global competition. Messy election politics. The growing pains of any maturing industry. Through it all, solar innovators and entrepreneurs in all 50 states kept making big inroads into one of the most entrenched industries around: energy.


Emerging Markets New Priority for SunPower and First Solar

The two biggest US solar companies, First Solar and SunPower, seem to be moving in tandem these days, accelerating development in emerging markets as revenue from more mature markets slows and projects near completion. Because of the difficulties in their traditional solar panel manufacturing business, they have both diversified into solar project development, and SunPower into solar


Drive SunShine Institute Goes National

The Drive SunShine Institute, which recently got its start in Colorado, is planning to expand into multiple states, open offices and offer corporate test drive events to promote electric cars and home solar installations. “Over the last two months, we’ve really been ramping up our corporate test drives,” said Ken Beitel, advisory board chair of


Growth in Low Income Housing Solar

Solar neighborhoods are gaining ground in lower income housing projects, here are some recent examples. Since Hurricane Katrina, government agencies have joined to foster new sustainable housing developments powered by renewable energy. One of those is in Louisiana, now home to the biggest solar neighborhood in the southeast. The new mixed-income River Garden Apartments replaces the St. Thomas Housing Project, which was known as a high-crime


The Next Big Solar Growth Market: Romania?

With traditional European markets fading (or at least trying to fade, in Germany’s case), developers and manufacturers are scouring the globe for prospects in new and emerging markets. While many developers are turning to more obvious growth markets such as Japan or India, some more ambitious developers are turning to an often-overlooked bastion of solar


German Solar Industry Up 50% in 2012

The world has been closely watching Germany’s renewable energy industry this year. Now the German utilities’ industry association BDEW has announced that the country’s solar power production is up over 50 percent in 2012, thanks to a wealth of photovoltaic installations. From January to September of this year, solar power production jumped from 16,500 gigawatt