14 Feb

Middle East Solar Industry Could Hit $6.8 Billion


The Middle East is boosting its solar power sector with $6.8 billion worth of projects …

01 Feb

China’s Solar Growth: Holy Cow!


China is upping its solar target once again, after having done so several times in …

30 Jan

WOWZERS: China Just Raised Its Solar Power Goal By 67%

No More Naked Roofs

I make a lot of jokes on this blog but the hazardous levels of air …

28 Jan

The Middle East and North Africa: Solar Mega Growth Ahead


Demand for solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will skyrocket …

27 Jan

Microgrids: Ready to Launch


Whenever I come across an article like this on microgrids, i.e., “islands” of distributed energy …

24 Jan

Latin America: The New Solar Hotbed?

Greentech Media

High electricity costs (both wholesale and retail), rumors of government tenders, and significant price declines …

23 Jan

Japan: The Land Of The Rising Sun?

No More Naked Roofs

So it seems like Japan is going to try and accomplish what former Prime Minister Koreyiko Takahasi …

07 Jan

The Growth of Renewable Energy in the Mainstream Media

Scaling Green

The beginning and end of the year are the best times to work in media …

06 Jan

Solar Power: Economy Booster?


Many communities rely on fossil fuels, and importing these, for the provision of electricity, fuel …

28 Nov

WOW: China’s Clean Energy Output Increases 48%

AtisSun Solar Insider News

Bloomberg reports that China has increased its clean energy output from October 2011 to October …

22 Nov

285 Days of Rain A Year Hasn’t Stopped European Solar Industry

Suntech Connect

Everyone knows the United Kingdom gets a lot of rain – up to 285 days …

21 Nov

In Focus: Corporate Sustainability in 2013

The Green Market Oracle

Despite ongoing economic difficulties around the globe corporate spending on sustainability is expected to increase …