19 Mar

The Hawaiian Electric Company: Utility Solar Done Right

The Vote Solar Initiative

Our 2013 Utility Solar Champion Award goes to … drumroll please … The Hawaiian Electric …

19 Mar

Japan’s Solar Market: Growth is an Understatement


Japan is making significants stride toward renewable energy development, particularly in solar and wind, in …

15 Mar

Solar Industry: 2012 Growth Borderline Ridiculous


Solar is continuing to become a more important part of the U.S.’s energy mix as …

05 Mar

Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio


The amount of solar used in Ohio is about to rise by 10% – why? …

03 Mar

Electric Cars Everywhere!


It is often claimed that electric cars will be the saviour of motoring as oil …

27 Feb

First Solar Earnings Disappoint


Prior to reporting its full-year 2012 results yesterday evening (Feb. 26) First Solar announced that …

27 Feb

Kingtec Solar: Poised to OWN The Solar AC Market


“One Hundred million affected by Indonesian power outage“;  “Short circuit in Brazil leaves 190 million without power”, …

27 Feb

IEA: Renewables to Grow 40% by 2018


Despite economic uncertainties, global power generation from renewable sources of energy is seen to grow …

26 Feb

Bloomberg: Bullish on Solar through 2014

The Green Market Oracle

Over the next two years solar power can be expected to move closer to grid …

25 Feb

SolarReserve Looks for Global Growth


SolarReserve, known for its solar thermal towers with energy storage systems, is looking to the …

25 Feb

The Solar Manufacturing Industry: No Improvements Yet

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Recent solar module production capacity has been nearly twice the demand, resulting in significant overcapacity …

19 Feb

In Focus: Super Cities


A metropolis is a large densely populated urban area that has a significant economic, political …