06 May

Envision Solar, GRID Solar Launch Alliance

Solar Industry

Envision SolarInternational Inc., a solar master planner, architect and inventor thatdesigns and deploys solar systems, …

22 Apr

GE Researching Grid Impact Of Solar Energy $GE

Solar Industry

With energy experts forecasting substantial increases in solar power inthe coming decades, GE researchers are …

21 Apr

Technology Roadmaps and Industry Standards: A Path Towards Grid Parity

PV Group

Based upon the experiences of otherindustries, technology developments in cell efficiency and increases inmanufacturing economies …

20 Apr

One Block Off The Grid Introduces New Orleans Campaign

Solar Industry

One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) has launched aNew Orleans solar group purchase campaign. Homeowners …

09 Apr

DOE | $100 Million for Smart Grid Workforce Training

The Phoenix Sun

Speaking in Maryland Today, United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced a new roundof …

08 Apr

NREL Using $2.79 Million Grant To Study Solar Grid Integration

Solar Industry

TheCalifornia Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has awardedapproximately $2.79 million in California Solar Initiative Research,Development, Deployment …

06 Apr

Solar Companies Can Find Opportunity Away from the Grid

Cooler Planet

As solar energy technology continues to evolve, consumers are going tofind that it works with …

05 Apr

Could PV Inverters be the Smart Grid Portal to the Home?

Greentech Media

There is an entrepreneurial and venture capital rush in building out the Home Area Network …

31 Mar

New eBook shows how solar manufacturers can shorten path to grid parity

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Camstar Systems Inc. announced the release of its latest eBook “Takingthe Solar Industry Beyond Grid …

22 Mar

Grid Alternatives Empowers Communities with Solar Skills

When California faced an energy crisis in 2001, Tim Sears and EricaMackie were installing renewable …

22 Mar

One Block Off The Grid Expands In San Francisco

Solar Industry

OneBlock Off the Grid (1BOG) has launched its latest San Francisco solarcampaign, which will offer …

09 Mar

Grid Parity: Is It the Wrong Goal Post?

Cleantech, Applied

Eversince the first conference to discuss what solar could do for meetingelectricity supply held in …