08 Mar

Electricity Infrastructure 2.0

Brighter Tomorrow

Our electricity infrastructure was once our society’s greatest asset. It brought light where there was …

06 Mar

The European Super Grid

The Green Market Oracle

Work is being done to connect the UK grid to other European countries and in …

04 Jan

Solar Power Off the Grid

Yale Environment 360

After the Durban talks last month, climate realists must face the reality that “shared sacrifice,” …

27 Sep

5 Technologies Bringing Renewable Energy to the Grid


The world is pursuing the holy grail of renewable energy to reduce dependence on fossil …

26 Aug

What Will the Electrical Grid Look Like in 2050?


More than $200 billion will be invested in the electricity systems of Western states over …

25 Aug

Duke Energy: Creating a Digital Grid $DUK

Energy Boom

Earlier this month Duke Energy Corporation (NYSE: DUK) released the white paper Duke Energy: Developing …

07 Dec

Go Off the Grid


With the plethora of renewable energy technologies hitting the market andtheir steady decrease in price, …

26 Oct

10 Smart Grid Trends to Watch

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

In the past few years, the electric utility industry has experienced amomentous season. The business …

27 Sep

Microchip intros grid-connected solar micro inverter reference design

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced a fully digitally controlled,Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design with …

22 Sep

BP Solar to build Australia’s Largest Grid Connected Solar Plant


BP Solar is partnering with Verve Energy to build Australia’s largest ever grid-connected solar power …

14 Sep

PV Powered Tapped for Solar Energy Grid Project

On Monday, the Colorado-based Advanced Energy Industries announced that one of its companies, PV Powered, has …

17 Aug

Butte College Goes Grid Positive

Energy Boom

Butte College announced plans to complete a massive solar array by2011 that will produce more …