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Duke Energy: Creating a Digital Grid $DUK

Duke Energy: Creating a Digital Grid $DUK

Earlier this month Duke Energy Corporation (NYSE: DUK) released the white paper Duke Energy: Developing the Communications Platform to Enable a More Intelligent Electric Grid [pdf].  The paper addresses the company’s vision and plan to digitize the electric grid. Duke Energy is one of the United States’ largest electric utilities and if its merger with

Go Off the Grid

With the plethora of renewable energy technologies hitting the market andtheir steady decrease in price, more corporations and businesses arebeginning to consider on-site renewable energy generation. Companies ofall sizes, with varied electricity needs, can tailor one or acombination of several renewable energy installations to fit the needsof the enterprise. There are multiple technologies to consider

10 Smart Grid Trends to Watch

In the past few years, the electric utility industry has experienced amomentous season. The business of electricity generation, transmission,distribution, and consumption has been thrust to the forefront of public discourse – as both a villain and a savior – in the fight againstclimate change and the struggle for energy independence and security,among other global priorities.

Microchip intros grid-connected solar micro inverter reference design

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced a fully digitally controlled,Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design with an advanced,high-efficiency topology. Complete documentation, including software,schematics and application note, can be downloaded for free today fromMicrochip’s website. The solar power industry is evolving to meet the requirements of a changing landscape, as it moves from a cottageindustry to mass


BP Solar to build Australia’s Largest Grid Connected Solar Plant

BP Solar is partnering with Verve Energy to build Australia’s largest ever grid-connected solar power plant. The plant, with a generating capacity of 10MW, will be built in Geraldton,Western Australia. The plant will help contribute to the WA Government’s 20 percent renewable energy target by 2020. The $58 million will carry more than 40,000 solar


PV Powered Tapped for Solar Energy Grid Project

On Monday, the Colorado-based Advanced Energy Industries announced that one of its companies, PV Powered, has been contracted to carry out development work for stage three of the Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) project. Started in 2008, the project is funded by the U.S. Department ofEnergy (DOE) and administered by Sandia National Laboratories. It is aportion of

Butte College Goes Grid Positive

Butte College announced plans to complete a massive solar array by2011 that will produce more energy than the college consumes, making it the first grid positive college in the U.S. and the largest solar producing college in the world. When completed, the college’s 25,000 solar photovoltaic panels will have the capacity to generate 6.4 million


Solar and the Smart Grid

Perhaps as you’ve done your research into going solar, you’ve heard mention of the so-called “Smart Grid” and the challengesand opportunities it presents. Such a broad term can be confusing,however (and perhaps even bring to mind visions of a Terminator-esque future). So we’ll give you the low down on the Smart Grid, and how an investment in


The Solar Grid Concept

The rise in the demand for energy and the decline in theavailability of energy producing fossil fuels is one of the biggestchallenges that the world currently faces. Getting some cues from theplant life, which has perfected the use of abundant solar energy fortheir survival, industrial designers have come up with ingenious systems that can reduce


Solar to Achieve Grid Parity by 2013

The solar energy market has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past two years, driven by a new abundance of polysilicon, the effectsof the worldwide financial crisis, and the plunging price of solarmodules. As a result of these factors, the solar industry hasshifted from supply-constrained to demand-driven, and a few strongcompanies have been able to

GRID Alternatives: The ‘Habitat for Humanity’ of the Solar Industry

Part two of our GRID Alternatives series focuses on the people behind the mission: the organization’s 4,000 or so volunteers who have gainedreal-life training while helping complete solar energy installations inlow-income communities across California. It is this symbioticrelationship — between the organization and its volunteers — that eachyear lures hundreds of individuals to the call

Axial Vector Energy announces first smart electric grid product

Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced the successful development of theworld’s first network appliance capable of intelligently controllingstart up and shutdown of individual Bluetooth networked home appliances(e.g., pool equipment, air conditioners, electric dryers, and electricwater heaters) during peak rate hours. The Good Green EnergyGenius Box also coordinates the selective start up and shutdown of local solar,