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Solar: WINNING in Arizona

Solar: WINNING in Arizona

The solar industry has been fighting in the trenches for the past few months as the utility, Arizona Power (APS), used under-handed ways to eliminate net-metering. Despite an unprecedented multi-million-dollar campaign, Arizona regulators rejected the utility’s drive to eliminate net-metering for solar systems in the state. About 1,000 people showed up to protest before last week’s vote. While state regulators did


Nanosolar Reborn!

I was somewhat wrong when I pronounced CIGS firm Nanosolar deceased back in July. It turns out that the German part of Nanosolar was acquired by Smartenergy Renewable and has been rechristened “Smartenergy Renewables Deutschland GmbH.” But no CIGS thin-film solar remains in the equation. The new company will now be a crystalline silicon module


In Focus: Green Football

Being environmentally friendly is a new popular trend that many try to incorporate in various aspects of their lives. We eat foods that are organically grown, wear clothes that are made with fibers that are organic and are made in eco-friendly factories. A lot of modern homes are also designed to be environmentally friendly; they


General Motors Goes Solar at Ohio Plant

General Motors will soon have the biggest rooftop solar array in Ohio when its 1.8 megawatt (MW) system comes online next month. Sitting on top of GM’s Toledo Transmission plant, that huge solar system will still only be enough to cover 3% of the plant’s power. “Having 21,000 solar panels on Toledo’s roof is a great visual representation of our commitment


Middle Class Love Solar Power

Rooftop solar has been growing so rapidly in the US over the past few years that the Center of American Progress (CAP) asked, “Who is buying all that solar?” While wealthy people helped by being early adopters, the middle class is driving widespread installation, concludes CAP. In fact, rooftop solar installations are overwhelmingly located in middle-class neighborhoods where median incomes range


FUTUREWATCH: Invisible Wind Turbines

Testing has begun on the innovative mini-wind-turbine blade designed by the famous Genoese architect Renzo Piano and developed in partnership with Enel Green Power, an Italian multinational renewable energy corporation, at the Molinetto test field, in the Province of Pisa. The new slim-line, two-blade turbine is less visible than the traditional three-blade design, to the

Entry-level home with integrated photovoltaic system

It’s Official: U.S Homeowners Want Solar!

Two new reports attest to the popularity of solar among homeowners across the U.S. While the two reports come from very different sources—The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a progressive advocacy organization and Market Strategies advises 20 of the U.S.’s largest utilities—their conclusions are roughly the same: U.S. homeowners are interested in and want


$8 Million Battery Research Lab at University of Michigan Announced

A unique $8 million battery research lab at the University of Michigan will enable industry and university researchers to collaborate on developing cheaper and longer lasting energy storage devices in the heart of the U.S. auto industry. Initial support for the lab includes $5 million from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), $2.1 million from

Lithium Batteries: How Green Are They?

Electric cars have really taken off in the last two years or so and it’s understandably the case. Fossil fuelled autos may have become increasingly efficient in the last half decade or so, but in short they still fill the world with nasty exhaust emissions and in addition, they’re also eating up the world’s oil.


Team Austria Wins Solar Decathlon

Team Austria from Vienna won the 2013 Solar Decathlon, a U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored competition between college teams building energy-efficient solar-powered homes. This was the first year Team Austria had an entry in the U.S. event, which has taken place every two years since 2002. “The first-time competitor to the Solar Decathalon consistently wowed juries


Oakland: California’s Hidden Solar Hotbed

When people think of sunny California, they often think of the beaches of Southern California. If the last few years are any indication, however, the place they should be thinking of is the city of Oakland, across the bay from foggy San Francisco. In the past few years, Oakland has become a hub for the


Passive Solar Tech Alive and Well at 2013 Solar Decathlon

When you stroll through the pop-up neighborhood of 19 solar-powered homes along an abandoned airstrip at The Great Park in Irvine, Calif. this week, you might get a kink in your neck. It’s hard not to gravitate toward the homes lining the north side of the runway at the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar


How Green is 3D Printing?

Sometime back everyone thought 3D Printing was a greener option compared to other traditional manufacturing technologies. However, that belief might just be too naïve. The reality is that society is becoming more matured and wiser and hence the jury is still out. 3D Printing – The Advantages Before going to the bad news, let us


3 Green Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Green technology is pioneering the way we live, finding solutions that help us cut our carbon emissions, reduce our waste, and protect our planet. Forecasters predict we’ll see a green technology explosion similar to the information technology boom that dominated headlines over the last two decades. It’s impossible to predict where green technology will take