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11 Mar

Money: The Reason We Aren’t 100% Solar YET


Solar energy from our Sun is constantly bombarding us, even at night – we just …

31 Jan

Rooftop Solar: Adding Jobs Left and Right


Thanks in large part to the increasing attractiveness of rooftop solar installations, the solar industry added …

30 Jan

U.S Solar Industry: 142,000 Employees Strong


The U.S. now has 142,698 employees working in the solar sector—up nearly 20 percent from …

22 Jan

$1 Billion For New York Solar Announced


New York governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address on Wednesday, January 8th, and …

05 Dec

Soft Costs: The Most Expensive Part of Solar Install


With the precipitous drop in prices to manufacture solar modules - down 75% over the past four years, so-called …

04 Dec

Solar Parity: Arriving by 2025


The idea of parity for solar power, the day when power from solar panels costs …

02 Dec

Los Angeles Solar: +29,000 Jobs?

Ameco Solar Blog

Each year, it seems as if the temperatures in Southern California rise higher, and the …

14 Nov

Illinois Solar Falls Behind Goal


The state’s renewable energy portfolio standard demands that by June 2014, 18.4 percent of its …

08 Nov

Rooftop Solar Challenge II Launched by DOE


The costs of rooftop solar continue to come down. Particularly the costs of photovoltaic modules …

23 Oct

India Throws $10 Billion at Smart Grid

Greentech Media

India has a power grid that is ripe for renovation and transformation. More than a …

23 Oct

In Focus: Connecticut’s Solar Boom

Cooler Planet

There’s power in numbers. In the marketplace, buying in bulk can bring greater discounts. And …

04 Oct

Shared Renewable Energy Program Welcomed in Orlando


America has long questioned whether or not customers would be interested in renewable energy as …