04 Apr

Solar on Every U.S School!


This morning the National Solar Schools Consortium launched at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) …

01 Apr

In Focus: Reducing Business Energy Costs


It is possible for each business to make changes in order to reduce energy costs. …

26 Mar

Green Engineering @ 2014 Winter Olympics


The Sochi Olympic games provided a sporting spectacle that the entire world was able to …

24 Mar

Bill Gates Talks Climate Change


In the March 27 issue of Rolling Stone,Jeff Goodell interviews Bill Gates on issues ranging from polio …

18 Mar

3 Nonprofits Changing The World with Solar


When it comes to jumpstarting renewable energy programs in developing nations, much of the focus …

17 Mar

The Need of Green Construction


The Green construction aims at efficient use of resources to create healthier and energy efficient …

03 Mar

Making the Data Center Greener


It takes a lot of energy to make your data center operate at optimal performance. …

27 Feb

Veterans: 10% of Solar Workforce


More than 13,000 U.S. Veterans are already working in the solar industry, and the number …

26 Feb

Keystone XL Decision: Oil and Gas Industry, Obama Administration in Bed


This past week was good to the oil and gas industry. First, President Obama talked up jobs gains from drilling and labeled natural gas a “bridge fuel” in his State of the Union address, using terminology favored by natural gas advocates. Then, on…

20 Feb

Utilities Killed Arizona’s Solar Industry


Arizona was one among just a couple of states in the country that lost solar …

20 Feb

In Focus: LEED v3 and LEED v4

CleanEdison Blog

As the standard in green building best practices, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in …

18 Feb

3D Printing: How Green Is It?


Despite being established in the 1980s, it is only in recent years that 3D printing …