Can Solar Stock Super Returns Continue?

Any way you slice it, solar investing has been on a tear for the last year. Of the 69 solar stocks that the Roen Financial Report tracks, three quarters are up for the year. On average solar stocks have gained 85% for the year, with 60% of solar companies up in the double digits. What is most impressive is […] Read more

Printing OLEDs and Solar Cells is Now A REALITY

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), Germany, worked together with mechanical engineering company MBRAUN to develop a production facility able to create inexpensive organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) as well as organic solar cells on an industrial scale. Is now possible to print OLEDs and solar cells from solutions containing luminescent organic […] Read more

Silicon Supercapacitor Built by Researchers

Researchers at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville propose a novel silicon supercapacitor design. Such supercapacitor can be, theoretically, integrated into a silicon chip, opening some interesting options for energy storage. Batteries effectively store energy but do not deliver power efficiently because the charged carriers move slowly through the solid battery material. Capacitors, which store energy […] Read more

The Possibilities of Graphene Micro Supercapacitors

Imagine plugging in your smartphone for thirty seconds and then continuing the rest of your day with a fully charged phone. Then imagine plugging in your electric vehicle for less time than it takes to fill up a standard gas tank before running a day’s worth of errands on that one charge. Today, researchers at UCLA may […] Read more

Graphene: The Next Big Thing in PV?

Graphene is proving to be time and again one of the most promising new substances ever developed. In the latest application, researchers at MIT are developing photovoltaic (PV) devices using layers of graphene, the atom-thick layer of carbon that won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010, coated with nanowires. MIT published its research in […] Read more

Graphene: Solar’s Most Exciting Material?

So what’s a one-atom thick layer of carbon atoms got to do with solar? Maybe a lot. New research at the Michigan Technological University discovered that the unconventional material, graphene, was able to boost the efficiency of organic photovoltaics by 50 percent with the wonder material. The electrical conductivity of graphene, explained MTU Professor Yun […] Read more

Cheap Separation Method of Graphene Developed

Recently an Innovative, environment friendly and cheap separation technology has been developed by the research team of Prof. Byung Jin Cho and Prof. Taek soo Kim. The research was initiated by Korea Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science supported by Research Support Program and the Global Frontier program. It has been a […] Read more

In Focus: Efficient Electronics

Grid power is something that most of us take for granted. We do not really about where it comes from and how it is generated and are happy as long as we get it continuously without any major disturbances in the supply. Both modern domestic industrial needs though place incredible amount of demand on our […] Read more

Researchers Mass Produce Graphene Nanosheets

Graphene is made from graphite and is claimed to be one of the most important synthetic material of the 21st century. Graphene sheets are better conductors of electricity and heat. They are harder than diamond and yet they stretch. And, now researchers in South Korea and Case Western are working to mass produce high quality […] Read more

In Focus: Graphene-based Capacitors

Existing energy storage methods miserably fail to keep up with the recent evolution in technologies and gadgets. There should be more consistent energy storage options apart from the traditional chemical batteries. A new kind of electrochemical capacitor for storing more charge here gives immense hope for us. Developed by a team of researchers under Maher […] Read more

Graphene: The Next Big Green Technology?

Recently the science and technology fields have been abuzz with news and studies about the rockstar material graphene. It’s hard to read the front page of a science news website without finding graphene somewhere. It’s been touted as the future of touchscreen devices and memory storage units. It’s been used to create the world’s smallest […] Read more

Graphene — The New Solar Cell Breakthrough

We have been using solar energy for thousands of years. And we havebeen generating electricity with solar energy for decades. And many newtechnologies are developed to help us use the energy more effectively. If you will pay attention to solar industry, you may have heard about Graphene. It is a new type of solar cell […] Read more