19 Mar

Can Solar Stock Super Returns Continue?

Roen Financial Report

Any way you slice it, solar investing has been on a tear for the last year. Of …

07 Nov

Printing OLEDs and Solar Cells is Now A REALITY

The Daily Fusion

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), Germany, worked together with mechanical …

24 Oct

Silicon Supercapacitor Built by Researchers


Researchers at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville propose a novel silicon supercapacitor design. Such supercapacitor …

18 Mar

The Possibilities of Graphene Micro Supercapacitors

CleanEdison Blog

Imagine plugging in your smartphone for thirty seconds and then continuing the rest of your …

28 Dec

Graphene: The Next Big Thing in PV?


Graphene is proving to be time and again one of the most promising new substances …

07 May

Graphene: Solar’s Most Exciting Material?


So what’s a one-atom thick layer of carbon atoms got to do with solar? Maybe …

08 Apr

Cheap Separation Method of Graphene Developed


Recently an Innovative, environment friendly and cheap separation technology has been developed by the research …

03 Apr

In Focus: Efficient Electronics


Grid power is something that most of us take for granted. We do not really …

28 Mar

Researchers Mass Produce Graphene Nanosheets


Graphene is made from graphite and is claimed to be one of the most important …

19 Mar

In Focus: Graphene-based Capacitors


Existing energy storage methods miserably fail to keep up with the recent evolution in technologies …

12 Mar

Graphene: The Next Big Green Technology?


Recently the science and technology fields have been abuzz with news and studies about the …

14 Sep

Graphene — The New Solar Cell Breakthrough


We have been using solar energy for thousands of years. And we havebeen generating electricity …