03 Jun

Moth Eye Inspired Solar?


The natural world has often inspired science and where researchers at North Carolina State University …

31 Dec

Energy Growth and Consumption: 2013 and Beyond

3000 Quads

Energy growth in 2013 will be tightly coupled to economic growth and that will remain …

09 Nov

In Focus: U.S Alternative Energy Subsidies

Kenergy Solar

Subsidies.   We’ve all heard about “energy subsidies” and “oil subsidies” but what are they …

21 Apr

In Focus: Energy Consumption Solutions

3000 Quads

Before we start hectoring China to start reducing energy consumption (watch it peak about 2050, …

19 Apr

China and Coal

3000 Quads

China has worked hard to develop alternative sources of energy. They were picked to lead …

13 Apr

LED Market Volatility

Cleantech, Applied

Growth in LEDdemand—driven by broad adoption of general lighting applications—is expected to come at a …

27 May

PV – The King of Renewable Energy

Go Green Solar

Renewableenergy, also known as alternative energy includes many technologiessuch as wind energy, solar hot water …

24 May

Graph: Number of Lobbyists on Climate Change By Sector


A new analysis of Senate disclosure records by The Center for PublicIntegrity shows that more …

22 May

Stock of the Day – Renesola Ltd (SOL)

AC Investor Blog

SOL- The stock made a nice move on a good earnings report, closing up 7%.From …