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Moth Eye Inspired Solar?

Moth Eye Inspired Solar?

The natural world has often inspired science and where researchers at North Carolina State University turned for inspiration to harness light more efficiently in solar devices. If you picture oil on a puddle or a soap bubble, they each resemble the sheen of rainbow. That is a reflection caused by the thin film of one


In Focus: U.S Alternative Energy Subsidies

Subsidies.   We’ve all heard about “energy subsidies” and “oil subsidies” but what are they really?  Subsidies in a general sense are money given by the government to various industries in order to make their goods more affordable than they would be in the open market.  There are agricultural subsidies, energy subsidies, and technology subsidies,


China and Coal

China has worked hard to develop alternative sources of energy. They were picked to lead in solar installations this year before Wen Ji Bao announced in March that they were not going to blindly throw renewables up everywhere at random. Nobody really knows what the ramifications of that statement are as of yet. China has


LED Market Volatility

Growth in LEDdemand—driven by broad adoption of general lighting applications—is expected to come at a fast, furious and sustained pace which analysts predict may last for a few years before the market once again pauses. The way I see it, the current lull in LED market growth actually may be a great opportunity for LED


PV – The King of Renewable Energy

Renewableenergy, also known as alternative energy includes many technologiessuch as wind energy, solar hot water and space heating, fuel cells, biofuels, hydro power and photovoltaics (solar panels that turn light into electricity). According to International Solar Energy Society (ISES) photovoltaic power generation grew by 73% in 2008 making it the most popular method to generate


Stock of the Day – Renesola Ltd (SOL)

SOL- The stock made a nice move on a good earnings report, closing up 7%.From a technical perspective, this stock looks great as well. It iscurrently moving in an ascending triangle formation and a breakoutlooks eminent. If it breaks out of the ascending triangle, target priceis at 6.24. The volume for the past 3 weeks