Off-Grid Solar is Going to be HUGE

Everywhere you look, the off-grid clean energy market is booming. Sub-Saharan Africa is seeing 300 percent compound annual growth in off-grid lighting; Bangladesh is putting up 30,000 to 40,000 solar home systems every month; and d.light, a for-profit seller of solar lights, recently reached its 1 millionth customer. If these numbers haven’t raised the attention of institutional investors, […] Read more

M2M Communications: Will it Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Call it what you will — the “industrial internet,” the “internet of things,” or “machine-to-machine communications” (M2M) — the seamless connectivity of devices is becoming one of the core drivers of the clean energy transition. There are now 1.3 billion M2M devices in operation around the world. By 2020, there will be 12.5 billion in […] Read more

Google Nexus 4: Solar Charger Included

Canonical, a leading software company, announced today that images and open source code for the smartphone version of Ubuntu will be released on February 21. The software will work on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 smartphones, and is designed for enthusiasts and apps developers. Canonical wants developers to be able to familiarize themselves with […] Read more

In Focus: Smarter Parking Management

If you drive in this city, you’ve probably been in one of these two situations:  One, too cheap to pay for parking, you go to a side street and take advantage of one-hour free parking. But having stayed a little longer than an hour, you find a $30 ticket on your windshield. Two, en route […] Read more

Seiko Introduces World’s First Solar Powered GPS Watch

Seiko Holding Corp., a Japanese watch company revealed this Monday, the world’s very first solar powered watch named Seiko Astron, which uses global positioning system satellites and can keep time anywhere on the earth. According to Shinji Astron, President of Seiko, this is the second time that Seiko has brought revolution in the watch industry. […] Read more

Student Invents Solar GPS Lifejacket

Sheng-cheh, a student from Taiwan, has invented a life jacket which maygreatly reduce the risk involved in sea travelling.   Though normal lifejackets keep a person afloat, a major cause of death at sea is due tothe hypothermia caused by the water. However, Sheng-cheh’s inventionLIFEON consists of chlorophyll solar cells which get charged within 10second […] Read more

fTech Solar GPS Device

fTechhas launched a new solar-powered GPS receiver that comes with arechargeable battery and features a solar panel for recharging on themove. The onboard solar panel is used to extend the operating time ofthe device, which according to the company can last up to 30 hours whenthe solar panel is activated. The receiveris capable to operate […] Read more