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$1 Billion For New York Solar Announced

$1 Billion For New York Solar Announced

New York governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address on Wednesday, January 8th, and announced an even greater commitment to clean energy, including $1 billion in new funding for solar energy projects. Launched in 2012, Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative has already been a tremendous success, with almost 300 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic capacity installed or under


New Jersey Governor Confirm Commitment to Solar

Just across the river from EcoOutfitters’ New York headquarters, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today displayed strong solar support and leadership. By signing into legislation a bill that will increase the number of SRECS (solar renewable energy credits) that electric utilities must buy, Gov. Christie has helped keep the solar industry’s healthy growth rate intact.

Connecticut Governor Vetoes Energy Bill

Gov. M. Jodi Rell, R-Conn., has vetoed Bill 493, titled An Act ReducingElectricity Costs and Promoting Renewable Energy. The legislation had been approved by both the state House and the stateSenate earlier this month . The bill contained severalprovisions for solar energy, including instituting a program to replacethe Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s defunct rebate program


Governor Martin O’Malley Reaffirms Maryland’s Commitment to Solar

Today, Maryland governor Martin O’Malleysigned into law five energy bills that will drive the adoption ofrenewable energy and accelerate the creation of green jobs across thestate. The main bills that will fuel the growth in the solar industryinclude an acceleration of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and an extension of the renewable energy tax credits

Virginia Governor Signs Renewable Energy Legislation

Gov. Bob McDonnell, R-Va., has signed a number ofrenewable energy bills into law. Among the measures waslegislation to provide a $500 tax credit for each green job created inthe commonwealth, and a measure establishing the Universities CleanEnergy Development and Economic Stimulus Foundation. S.B.623/H.B.803 allows a $500 tax credit for the creation of green jobs for

Delaware Governor Introduces Clean Energy Jobs Act

Gov. Jack Markell, D-Del., has unveiledthe Delaware Clean Energy Jobs Act, legislation designed to createjobs, expand local manufacturing and establish Delaware as a nationalleader in the adoption of renewable energy, according to the governor’soffice. The Clean Energy Jobs Act would facilitate the potentialinstallation of approximately 300 MW of new solar photovoltaic systemsby 2029. The act

Pa. Governor Announces New Solar Project Investments

Gov. Edward G. Rendell, D-Pa., has released over $5 millionin 13 new solar energy projects. The projects are receiving funds fromthe $650 million Alternative Energy Investment Fund that Rendell signedin 2008. They were approved for funding by the Commonwealth FinancingAuthority. The following projects were selected for funding: 5637Forbes LLC will receive a $44,000 solar energy

New Mexico Governor Richardson Announces New Plan for Green Economy

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson today signed an executive orderoutlining the state’s plan for building a green economy. “Acomprehensive green economy is critical to the future of New Mexico andwill lead our state into a new era of economic vitality and stability,”Governor Richardson said at the signing, which was held at SCHOTTSolar’s Albuquerque manufacturing facility.

NY Governor Accepts State Energy Blueprint With Solar Procurement Plans NY Governor Accepts State Energy Blueprint With Solar Procurement Plans

Gov. David A. Paterson, D-N.Y., has acceptedthe final 2009 State Energy Plan from the New York State EnergyPlanning Board. The Energy Plan provides a comprehensive blueprint forNew York to continue to transition to a clean energy economy over a10-year planning horizon, and is the first state energy plan since 2002. Therecommendations and more specific action

Oregon Governor Vetoes Two Bills, Signs One

Gov. Ted Kulongoski, D-Ore., has issued a veto on House Bills 2472 and 2940 and signed House Bill 2180. H.B.2472reduces the business energy tax credit cap (BETC) from $10 million to$3.5 million, a reduction that the governor believes goes too far andwould put Oregon at a competitive disadvantage in growing the state’srenewable energy sector. H.B.2940


Pennsylvania Throws Down for Solar Projects

Pennsylvania will triple its solar capacity through seven new solar power projects. Pennsylvania governor, Edward G. Rendell announced the state willinvest $23 million in the solar projects.  The solar initiatives willbe funded by the $650 million Alternative Energy Investment Fund thatGovernor Rendell signed into law this month. The projects include creating the second largest solar

Nevada enhances solar incentives; still not enough

The American Southwest is a mixed bag of solar opportunity in whichArizona’s excellent incentives are outstanding partly because theystand alone. Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico have similarlysun-drenched climates but offer uneven encouragement to residents toinstall solar panels on their homes and businesses. With Californiablazing the solar incentive trail just next door…what gives? Partly,these states–like