11 Sep

Will Congress Pull the Plug on Wind Power?

Green Chip Stocks

It’s not every day that Congress enacts legislation that meets an urgent national challenge head-on, …

10 Sep

WOW: GM Loses $50K on Every Volt Produced

Energy Boom

Despite selling a record number of Chevy Volts in August, General Motors is losing money …

04 Sep

In Focus: Obama’s Energy Efficiency Executive Order

The Green Market Oracle

On August 30th, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order focused on efficiency in industrial …

03 Sep

India Government Backs Electric Vehicle Program

2050 Magazine

The government of India has just approved a four billion dollar plan to support the …

31 Aug

Profiting from India’s Solar Boom

Green Chip Stocks

India is going to install millions of solar panels as solar energy will remain the …

31 Aug

Obama Targets Industrial Energy Efficiency

Greentech Media

The White House signed an executive order on Thursday calling for an additional 40 gigawatts …

30 Aug

In Focus: On-Bill Repayment (OBR)

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Earlier this year, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) issued a decision requiring the state’s …

30 Aug

The Future of Chinese Solar Companies

Green Chip Stocks

The whole solar panel industry has been in a tailspin as the massive solar glut …

30 Aug

Will California Reach It’s Renewable Energy Goals?

AtisSun Solar Insider News

California has the most ambitious renewable portfolio standard (RPS) in the nation, requiring that 33 …

17 Aug

NREL’s Plan for Clean Energy Scaling

Scaling Green

I’ve begun thinking that one of the defining questions for clean energy is, “What’s the …

15 Aug

Election 2012: Obama (Wind) vs. Romney (Coal)

The Green Market Oracle

The election of 2012 offers the stark contrast between fossil fuels like coal and clean …

11 Aug

U.S Promises $2B in Renewable Energy Loans to South Africa


Eyeing South Africa’s potential as a key export market, the US is coming up with …