In Focus: The Climate Voters Project

  A new project, called Climate Voters, could be operated within the League of Conservation Voters, or could be part of a collaborative effort in which many environmental organizations participate. This is the project’s slogan: We care about climate change and we vote. Climate change is happening now. We need public policy to address this […] Read more

China/EU Battle Carbon Emissions

One of the world’s largest economic powerhouses has reportedly struck a deal with the European Union to cut greenhouses gases. According to Reuters, the European Commission has announced that China will partner with the EU to develop initiatives like Chinese emissions trading schemes. China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. The EU and […] Read more

Profiting from Solar Printing Technologies

Solar installations are rocketing worldwide as solar electricity becomes cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels – it’s already happened in 105 countries. This is the tipping point where economics takes over from altruism and solar PVbecomes a serious part of the global energy mix. The steady drop in cost-per-watt is great news for the end […] Read more

European Solar Dispute Against China Continues

Encouraged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it looks like the European Union (EU) is holding a dialogue aimed at resolving its solar trade dispute with China. The EU is threatening to impose tariffs on Chinese panel imports, echoing action taken by the US earlier this year. It moved to launch a formal investigation in early […] Read more

Why Some Republicans Support Clean Energy

As an organization concerned deeply about climate change, we often heavily criticize the “all of the above” approach to energy development. If we’re truly going to address the problem and lower greenhouse gas emissions, a primary focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation need to be our number one priority. Digging a deeper carbon […] Read more

Solar + Nanotechnolgy: The Future of Energy

One of our Solar Energy World Facebook fans requested a blog post about solar power and nanotechnology. These two technologies combined could pave the way for even more efficient and cost effective solar power generation in the future. This post will give an overview of the concept of nanotechnology, and the effect that it may […] Read more

Will Congress Pull the Plug on Wind Power?

It’s not every day that Congress enacts legislation that meets an urgent national challenge head-on, stimulates job growth, promotes energy independence and protects the environment—without costing taxpayers a dime. But that’s just what results from the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), the policy driver behind the rapid growth in U.S. jobs and manufacturing since […] Read more

WOW: GM Loses $50K on Every Volt Produced

Despite selling a record number of Chevy Volts in August, General Motors is losing money on its plug-in electric hybrid, and a lot of money at that. Industry analysts estimate GM is losing as much as $49,000 on every Volt it produces.  This number could be even higher with cheap leases now being offered for […] Read more

In Focus: Obama’s Energy Efficiency Executive Order

On August 30th, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order focused on efficiency in industrial facilities. That order sets a national goal of 40 GW of new combined heat and power (CHP) by the end of 2020. As stated in the order, the industrial sector accounts for over 30 percent of all energy consumed in […] Read more

India Government Backs Electric Vehicle Program

The government of India has just approved a four billion dollar plan to support the development of its of electric and hybrid car industry. They have stated that this is in accordance with their goal to produce and sell six million EVs by the year 2020. While India’s EV industry is a relative newcomer to […] Read more

Profiting from India’s Solar Boom

India is going to install millions of solar panels as solar energy will remain the fastest growing energy source for India for the next decade. There are multiple opportunities where investors can benefit from the solar panel industry in India like in providing mounting solutions, installation services, monitoring services etc. However one overlooked sector is […] Read more

Obama Targets Industrial Energy Efficiency

The White House signed an executive order on Thursday calling for an additional 40 gigawatts of combined heat and power systems by 2020. The order will provide incentives for industrial facilities to deploy CHP, also known as cogeneration, and waste heat recovery technology, and will also expand the Better Buildings, Better Plants program at the […] Read more

In Focus: On-Bill Repayment (OBR)

Earlier this year, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) issued a decision requiring the state’s investor-owned utilities to establish several financing programs, including an On-Bill Repayment (“OBR”) program for commercial properties. OBR programs allow property owners to finance energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects with third-party banks or other investors. Property owners repay their loan […] Read more

The Future of Chinese Solar Companies

The whole solar panel industry has been in a tailspin as the massive solar glut takes toll of the whole industry. The industry downturn which started in 2011 has not stopped as solar panel prices have crashed to new all time lows with European demand pull in ending and inventories building up. While many of […] Read more