The Two Faces of China’s Energy Governance

In my attempts to catch up on lots of literature published over the past year that I missed, I finally read the 2012 paper China’s Long Road to a Low-Carbon Economy: An Institutional Analysis by Philip Andrews-Speed, one of the first and foremost international commentators on China’s energy economy.  Naturally, its stuff worth reading (otherwise […] Read more

America Speaks: 57% Want Government to Address Global Warming

Four out of five Americans now believe A recent poll from AP-GFK poll on climate values reveals that four in five Americans believe that “climate change will be a serious problem for the United States if nothing is done about it.” And that’s not all! The poll also found that 57% of Americans think the government should do “a […] Read more

Jordan Announces Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)

While North American regulators continue debating the merits of feed-in tariffs, another developing country has adopted the policy renowned for rapidly developing renewable energy in the developed world. This week Jordan’s Electricity Regulatory Commission introduced tariffs that will be paid for generation from various renewable technologies. The move is in response to the Renewable Energy and […] Read more

The Amazon: Potential Solar Power Plant Hotbed?

There is an article that appeared online yesterday in The Wall Street Journal about how some of the world’s biggest mining companies are looking to spend around $24 billion to boost production in the Amazon and how the Brazilian government is creating the infrastructure necessary to make it happen: Mining giants such as Vale and Anglo-American are increasing efforts […] Read more

JinkoSolar Scores $1B Infusion

JinkoSolar (NYSE:JKS) is the latest company to benefit from the Chinese government’s efforts to prop up its domestic solar industry. The company has entered into a strategic agreement for $1 billion in financing over the next five years from the Guangdong Branch of China Development Bank (CDB). The financing is a boon to the company, […] Read more

CPV Startup REhnu Grabs SunShot Grant

REhnu, a solar company that spun out of the University of Arizonaoptics department, was awarded a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to help bring its technology to market. REhnu received one of 10 SunShot Incubator awards and was the only company working in the high-concentration photovoltaics realm, according to a release […] Read more

In Focus: President Obama’s “All-of-the-Above” Energy Strategy

A friend of mine who had made some energy-related suggestions to President Obama just received a very thoughtful and well-written note in response, talking up the “all-of-the-above” strategy.  I respond: That’s great.  From here, I’d like to see some real numbers and commitments to bringing them about.  In particular, I want to see us: • […] Read more

Stion: Big Winner of SunShot Incubator 7

Department of Energy just announced winners of its SunShot Incubator 7 program. In all, the DOE announced $10 million in investments in solar startups projects across U.S., with San Jose, Cali.-based Stion winning the highest amount of $2 million. Stoin developed a new tandem copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) module thin-film photovoltaic technology that’s produced […] Read more

Governments Role in the Future of Cleantech

Many want to see more government investment in clean technology. There are a lot of things governments can do to help advance cleantech. They can provide tax credits, craft policy mandates, impose standards, develop regulations and pass legislation. On the macroeconomic level, governments can also play an important role supporting education, developing markets and encouraging demand. Cleantech […] Read more

The Politics of Solar

Bill Powers, of Solar Done Right, tells Business Week in a timely article about the political hitches holding solar back in the U.S., that “economically and technologically, the game is over. The hang-ups in the U.S. are strictly political,” he said. Oil and gas still dominate the agenda of the political debate and alternative energy […] Read more

Shopping Malls Across America Go Solar

12 shopping malls in Arizona, California, New York and Connecticut are getting solar PV over the next year, as part of real estate owner Macerich’s corporate sustainability efforts. Panasonic is developing the 12 megawatt solar project, which is financed and owned by Panasonic’s financial platform partner, Coronal Management.  This is the first phase of a national solar strategy for Macerich, which […] Read more

Denmark Reaches 2020 Solar Goal Ahead of Schedule

Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the country is adapting solar technology at a much quicker rate than anticipated. This year, interest in solar technology has soared: “the solar cell capacity will be a hundred times bigger this year compared with 2010.” Every month, another 36 MW of solar capacity is added to the grid […] Read more

Energy Questions People Want Answered by Obama and Romney

Tonight’s presidential debate, which takes place in Hempstead, Long Island, is a town hall, where undecided voters get to ask the questions. Unfortunately, the subject matter is limited to foreign policy, so many important questions average voters would ask won’t be allowed (how about their positions on a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United?). Is […] Read more

Solyndra: Solar’s Poster Child For Failure

If solar industry had a poster child for failure, Solyndra is to solar as Jared Fogle is to Subway. Yes, solar had its share of flops, failures, and fiascos. Wall Street bashes the solar manufacturers for its low margins, huge debts, and of course, its constant political war different countries around the world. On top […] Read more