12 May

Hotels Embrace Solar Across the World


The resort and hotel business is extremely competitive and costly. As more and more hotels …

07 Apr

In Focus: Obama’s Executive Green Orders

The Green Market Oracle

President Obama has vowed that in the absence of congressional action, he will use his …

05 Mar

Clean Energy Workers and the Sequester

CleanEdison Blog

Now that the Sequester has officially begun, people are wondering what the impacts will be, …

09 Jan

How Green Can We Get?

Scaling Green

Recently, I’ve been watching Saul Griffith’s “Climate Change Recalculated,” a brilliant talk book about the …

04 Jan

The Two Faces of China’s Energy Governance

The Green Leap Forward

In my attempts to catch up on lots of literature published over the past year …

03 Jan

America Speaks: 57% Want Government to Address Global Warming


Four out of five Americans now believe A recent poll from AP-GFK poll on climate values reveals …

26 Dec

Jordan Announces Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)


While North American regulators continue debating the merits of feed-in tariffs, another developing country has …

25 Dec

The Amazon: Potential Solar Power Plant Hotbed?

No More Naked Roofs

There is an article that appeared online yesterday in The Wall Street Journal about how some of …

12 Dec

JinkoSolar Scores $1B Infusion


JinkoSolar (NYSE:JKS) is the latest company to benefit from the Chinese government’s efforts to prop …

30 Nov

CPV Startup REhnu Grabs SunShot Grant


REhnu, a solar company that spun out of the University of Arizonaoptics department, was awarded …

27 Nov

In Focus: President Obama’s “All-of-the-Above” Energy Strategy


A friend of mine who had made some energy-related suggestions to President Obama just received …

25 Nov

Stion: Big Winner of SunShot Incubator 7


Department of Energy just announced winners of its SunShot Incubator 7 program. In all, the …