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Google Helps Power Relief Efforts with Solar Chargers

The International Medical Corps (IMC) received added support this week when Google.org donated 3,000 solar chargers worth $216,000 to the IMC’s international relief efforts. The solar chargers, made by Solio, will be made available to IMCdoctors and other personnel stationed in remote areas where access toelectricity is often limited. The units can hold charges for a

Why The Google Solar News is Good For Microsoft (GOOG, MSFT)

The revelation that Google is developing its own reflective surfaces for solar thermal technologies and a turbine that can connect directly to a solar thermal collector is great news – for Microsoft. Generally, when high-tech companies try to branch out and then fail,the attempt becomes an embarrassing distraction that leads to lots ofsoul searching. Remember

Google Gets Closer To Cheap Renewable Energy

Google Inc is closing in on its goal of producing renewable energyat a price cheaper than coal, the company’s green energy czar BillWeihl, the engineer in charge of the project, said on Tuesday. “We have gained expertise in designing and building large-scale,energy-intensive facilities by building efficient data centers,” saidLarry Page, Google Co-founder and President of


Google’s Solar Gameplan

Google is probably known best for being a powerfulsearch engine, a quirky-cool corporation rolling in cash and animplementer of web-development dreams, and for good reason. (Seriously,how awesome is Google Analytics?) But among its plethora ofcapabilities, the role of “purveyor of renewable energy” sometimes getslost in the mix. In late 2007, Google caused a hubbub by