26 Feb

Goodbye Electric Bills; Hello Solar

Brighter Tomorrow

Have you noticed that your Massachusetts electricity bill seems ridiculously high compared to last year?  …

09 Dec

President Obama Doubles Down on Renewables

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Last Friday,  President Obama took an important step toward supporting a clean energy future by directing the …

09 Oct

Sustainable Business Practices Yielding Profits


As climate change continues to be a hot topic for the environmental and political world, …

03 Sep

5 Reasons Solar is Beating Fossil Fuels


The solar industry is growing drastically every year, while fossil fuels continue to be phased …

20 Jun

Solar Leasing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ameco Solar Blog

In recent years, many solar companies have shifted their focus to leasing solar photovoltaic systems …

10 Jun

Apple’s Green Efforts: Too Little Too Late?

The Green Market Oracle

Apple is trying to offset its long history of  unsustainable practices through a number of …

20 Nov

Why Inflation is Good For Solar Panels

As Merriam-Webster tells us, inflation is defined as: “a continuing rise in the general price …

26 Oct

Clean Energy: We Sure Are Good At Talking About It


There are a few weapons in my arsenel as an advocate for renewables, and one …

02 Oct

How Solar is Good for your Health

Brightstar Solar

You heard about solar power being the right thing to do environmentally and financially, but …

30 Sep

Prop 23 Denial Good for Everyone

Brightstar Solar

I live in Boston, Massachusetts.  You would think the denial of Proposition 23 in California …

19 Aug

Good Looking Researchers Develop Micro Supercapacitor


A research team from France and US has developed a microsupercapacitor with remarkable potential to …

01 Aug

Is A Solar Hot Water System A Good Fit for You?

So you’re interested in solar hot water? We’re happy to hear it.Solar water heating is …