10 Mar

Appliance Standards: Saving $1 Trillion by 2035

Greentech Media

There is a great debate amongst utilities about how to get customers, large and small, …

02 Mar

GE Energy Doubled Solar Investments in Past Year to $1.4 Billion

Energy Boom

GE Energy Financial Services has announced another renewable energy investment. While presenting at the Infocast …

26 Jan

GE Jumps Into Solar Sales $GE


As GE prepares to open its new solar thin-film manufacturing facility in Denver, the company …

31 Dec

Will First Solar Get Gobbled Up? $FSLR


Recently Businessweek speculated that now would be the best time to purchase First Solar (NASDAQ: …

18 Dec

The Quietest Wind Turbine in the World

Energy Refuge

An Australian company called Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd. (RESA) has created what it …

01 Dec

The 5 Most Efficient Solar Panels Under Development


Undoubtedly, there has been a shift in the general consciousness towards using the non-conventional sources …

22 Nov

Will GE Gobble Up First Solar? $GE $FSLR

Greentech Media

Much like the notion of albino alligators living in the New York City sewers, the …

15 Nov

Does GE Need to License it’s Wind Patent Portfolio? $GE

Green Patent Blog

General Electric Company (GE) has vastly outpaced all of their competitors in intellectual property (IP) …

08 Nov

The Demand Side of Solar

Green Alpha Advisors

Solar energy’s critics love to discuss reasons photovoltaic (PV) solar energy is a bad investment. …

04 Nov

GE Wants Rooftop Solar @ $4/Watt by 2012 $GE


General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) been increasing its focus on solar and how to bring costs …

03 Nov

GE Partners with REC Solar on PV+EV $GE

Yes, the American solar industry is really starting to wake up to the potential of …

19 Oct

Solar Haters: What do you think of the Dallas-West African Connection?

Scaling Green

We find little that’s gratifying about being right about the Solyndra controversy, in which a …