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In Focus: Lean Six Sigma

In Focus: Lean Six Sigma

Developed in manufacturing environments in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Lean and Six Sigma are improvement processes focused on quality and waste elimination. Combined into a synergistic system of procedural control called Lean Six Sigma, the methods in these programs are applicable to industrial, manufacturing, transactional and customer service processes. As a flexible methodology for eliminating inefficiencies and harnessing


In Focus: GE’s Space Frame Tower

Greentech Media got an early look at GE’s new space frame wind turbine tower in advance of its official debut at next week’s European wind industry conference. The space frame advances the potential of GE to deliver taller towers capable of more power production at a lower cost. The GE Tehachapi facility’s enclosed-lattice, five-legged space frame prototype is 97


San Diego Street Lights Now Online

San Diego will soon become the first U.S. city to link its street lights to the Industrial Internet via an “intelligent” lighting system called LightGrid. The new system, which was developed by GE Lighting, will replace 3,000 city lamps with LED lights equipped with GPS beacons and wireless controls technology to measure and manage energy usage. According


GE Research Achieves CdTe PV Efficiency Record

Rather quietly, GE Research has bested First Solar for the cadmium telluride PV cell efficiency record. Clocking in at 18.3 percent, the new record edges First Solar’s previous mark by a full 1 percent. First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) hit 17.3 percent about a year ago. Presumably, this record was set using the PrimeStar Solar technology acquired


GE Exec: Developing World has the Greentech Opportunities

According to Mark Vachon, a 29 year GE veteran and the leader of ecomagination, the best opportunities for greentech are in the developing world and not in the US. GE has adopted a business strategy that has invested $5 billion in clean tech research and development and generated $106 billion in revenues through 2011. Ecomagination


GE Halts Colorado PV Solar Mega Plant

General Electric announced that it is halting construction at its planned PV manufacturing plant in Aurora, Col. The company was building a 400 megawatt PV manufacturing plant at the site, where they would manufacture cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film photovoltaics. But falling PV module prices made the technology less economically viable. The news comes within a

Ascension Island Green Way

The Big Tunas Get It: GE, Buffett, Google, Apple go the Clean Energy Route

Google is backing it. So is Warren Buffett, America’s most-watched investor. GE, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, is too. Each of these corporate icons is placing big bets and hundreds of millions of dollars on a future powered by wind and solar power. Apple just joined them, announcing plans to power its main U.S.


GE Inks Another Wind Deal in Europe

GE (NYSE: GE) recently announced that a consortium including Spanish energy services company Tamoin Energías Renovables just signed the largest single GE wind turbine maintenance agreement in all of Europe with Iberdola Renovables SA of Madrid. This contract would cover servicing 310 GE turbines in Spain. While the agreement is for three years, there’s an


The Top Corporate Climate Innovators

GE, Alcoa, Johnson Controls, Ford, Intel and Hess are leaders in the innovation of clean-tech solutions and products, mitigation of climate change-related risks and management of carbon emissions, according to a rating by risk analysis company Maplecroft. The Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) studied 360 large, multinational U.S. companies and how they adapt to climate-change


Appliance Standards: Saving $1 Trillion by 2035

There is a great debate amongst utilities about how to get customers, large and small, to cut peak load. There are carrot approaches, such as rebates, and then there are sticks, like mandatory commercial critical peak pricing. Another approach, which is more long-term and not discussed as often, is increasing appliance and equipment standards for


GE Energy Doubled Solar Investments in Past Year to $1.4 Billion

GE Energy Financial Services has announced another renewable energy investment. While presenting at the Infocast Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit in San Diego, General Electric Company’s investing arm boasted it had doubled its commitment to solar power in the last year with its $1.4 billion investment in the sector. “We started last year with