07 Apr

Natural Gas Vehicles: More Support Needed


While natural gas is abundant in the United States, its full potential has yet to …

18 Mar

In Focus: Natural Gas Vehicle Technology


Natural gas is being used by more than half of all household in the U.S. …

18 Feb

Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

The Green Market Oracle

Despite all of the efforts being made to resist the construction of the Keystone XL, it …

30 Oct

Cheap Natural Gas: Nuclear Plants Can’t Compete

The Daily Fusion

Due to abundant shale gas reserves, natural gas prices in the U.S. continue to remain …

25 Oct

In Focus: Hybrid Taxis


Hybrid cars are enjoying immense popularity right now among consumers. People have started to embrace …

02 Oct

Smart Building Industry: Ready to Launch


With the introduction of “smart grid” technology, much of the attention has been focused on …

25 Sep


Need more proof that hybrid technology is the solid foundation for the future of automobiles? …

02 Jul

Clean Energy Job Growth Keeps Impressing


The green job movement has often been criticized as an over-hyped, failed initiative, but the …

28 Jun

Renewables to Surpass Gas and Nuclear by 2016


Power generated from renewable sources is projected to surpass that of natural gas and twice …

21 Jun

Electric Cars: $1 Gallon of Gas


Remember the days when a gallon of gas cost $1 or less? While those days …

15 May

Net Metering: Whats Not to Like?


There’s been a lot of talk lately about net metering. What’s so special about net …

16 Mar

MPG at All Time Highs for Cars and Trucks


Not that it’s anything to be particularly proud of, but the average fuel efficiency of …