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Republican Gubernatorial Gains and Clean Energy

Republican Gubernatorial Gains and Clean Energy

The big loser in the 2010 Gubernatorial elections is America’s cleanenergy economy. Overall, the Republicans picked up 11 governorships from the Democrats: Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio,Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The GOP alsogained back the Florida governorship. By comparison, the Dems onlypicked up California, Hawaii and Vermont. The race is stillofficially

Applied Materials Gains Street Cred After Earnings Announcement $AMAT

Two weeks ago we reported on rumors and speculation that AppliedMaterials might look to scale back or even sell its group that makes equipment for amorphous silicon solar panels. Applied declined tocomment on the rumors and emphasized that the company will invest moreinto the amorphous market. Despite Applied’s protestations, wesuggested that the SunFab a-Si tool