07 May

Energy Efficient Solar Security


Security is an important issue especially these days when the occurrence of domestic crimes is …

30 Apr

The SmartTalk Solar Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakerphone


If you chat while you drive, then a good way to do it is by …

27 Apr

How X-Rays Can Make Better Printable Electronics


Yesterday, we harped about how scientists were able to discover the cause of efficiency in …

20 Apr

The Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock


Very few of us may have fond memories of those antediluvian metallic horns nonchalantly jutting …

13 Apr

FUTUREWATCH: Thermoelectricity


While most people out there are pretty familiar with alternate energy sources like wind and …

13 Apr

Sharp Releases Fans with Built-in Ion Generator


Sharp has just released a series of fans with built-in ion generators. They come in …

12 Apr

Off Topic: The Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table


Coming from The Bohemian Workbench, this Nintendo controller table is not just a showpiece that …

11 Apr

G24 Innovations Announces 26% Efficient Dye-sensitised Solar Cells

2050 Magazine

I have no idea exactly how good 26 per cent efficiency is in the overall …

07 Apr

Toray Unveils New Self-Repairing Film for Electronic Devices


Toray, a company based in Japan, which specializes in products focused around IT components as …

05 Apr

Sun Boxes from Craig Colorusso

Craig Colorusso

Sun Boxes is a solar powered sound installation. It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, …

28 Mar

Mobile Power-Up Options

Cooler Planet

No wall outlet required – just some cool new gadgets on the market that produce …

27 Mar

The O’Sun Solar Powered LED Lamp


There are many parts of the world where even today electricity is a luxury and …