Will Future Cell Phones Save Flexible Solar?

Copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, also known as CIGS solar cells are enabling a new suite of flexible applications from solar roof tiles to consumer electronics such as Apple and Samsung smartphones. CIGS have the competitive advantage that they can be deposited on flexible substrates as opposed to conventional solar panels, which enables a variety of niche products. A […] Read more


Over the last 50 years computing power has migrated from the mainframe, to the desktop, to the laptop, and now, with almost-equivalent computing capability, onto mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones. And tomorrow? If you were in Scottsdale, AZ in November for the now semi-annual MEMS Executive Congress, you would have heard about the latest […] Read more

The Solar Pocket Factory Concept Launched on KickStarter

A KickStarter project shows how solar panel factories could become a feature of any neighborhood, producing cheap solar panels for an age when these would become truly mass consumption items. Devised by inventors Shayne Frayne and Alex Hornstein, the duo has come up with a concept called “solar pocket factory” to produce cheaper small-scale panels […] Read more

In Focus: Solar Powered Home Appliances

Home appliances consume up to a massive 20% of our total energy use so it makes sense, both from a financial and an environmental viewpoint, to find ways to either cut down our energy consumption or invest in appliances which utilise alternative energies. Solar powered appliances are clean, green and utilise the sun’s free energy. […] Read more

World’s First Truly Renewable Energy Nation: Tokelau

Tokelau, a small group of Pacific atolls off the coast of New Zealand, is well on its way to becoming the world’s first truly renewable nation. Housing 1,400 people, the island is currently dependent on diesel fuel generators, burning 200 litres of gas daily. However, the residents hope to shed this wasteful habit by October […] Read more

Did Apple Drop the Ball by Leaving EPEAT?

After announcing earlier this week that it would no longer participate in EPEAT environmental certification for its computers, Apple quickly changed its mind. Responding to negative feedback from “many loyal customers,” Apple has rejoined the EPEAT. “We look forward to Apple’s strong and creative thoughts on ongoing standards development,” says EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee. “The outcome […] Read more

GE Teams with Paypal on EV Charging App

The question of how electric vehicle drivers will pay for charging outside of their home or immediate network has many answers. At the moment, it doesn’t really matter, as most charging happens at home, and many companies that have installed a charger for their employees pick up the tab. But if EVs and plug-in hybrids […] Read more

Apple Withdraws Products from EPEAT Green Certification

Once again, Apple is making headlines for a controversial environmental policy. In late June, the company abruptly withdrew its products from the influential EPEAT green technology certification program. It comes as a shock because Apple was among the companies originally involved in designing the EPEAT rating criteria. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) reduces the […] Read more

The 5 Coolest Solar Gadgets

The sun is not only the answer to cutting carbon emissions with utility-scale solar farms and residential PV-systems. In fact, solar has many of other neat uses. Here are five of the coolest ones: 1. The Eco Traveler Solar Backpack  The Eco Traveler Solar Backpack is based upon the technology of portable solar chargers. This […] Read more

Transistors in the Mobile Era

Transistors are the fundamental building blocks out of which all modern electronic devices are built. Invented in the early 1950s, transistors are the semiconductor switches that control and amplify electronic signals. As demand has grown over the years for greater performance from these devices, chipmakers have responded by packing wafers with twice as many of […] Read more

The 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformer Kit

The 7 in1 rechargeable solar transformer kit basically features a snap together plastic components, a solar panel and a battery station. The components can be snapped together to firm two power charging stations- one solar charging station and a battery charging station- and five type of vehicles including a concept race car, a dump truck, […] Read more

Microchip Companies: Lowering Chip Power Usage

Microchip companies are becoming more concerned over the carbon footprint of their products now that the market has improved after the recession and are seeking ways to lower chip power usage- not only for environmental reasons but consumer ones as well. The market for microchips used for power management applications has benefitted from seven quarters […] Read more

Logitech’s Updated K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard has been designed keeping in mind size and aesthetics. Users will be able to pair it up with their devices seamlessly and it wouldn’t look out of place amongst Apple’s products. What’s even better is that the keyboard can be paired with up to three devices, allowing users to easily […] Read more

The Solar iPad Charger from Logitech

A little while ago we brought you news that UK solar technology developer G24i had successfully tested solar cells that can work on indoor light alone and were actively looking to team up with hardware manufacturers to integrate their clever little invention into some actual gadgets. Well guess what? They’ve only gone and done it. […] Read more