The Solar HXO Futuristic Concept Vehicle

The HXO by industrial designers Wang Yanchao and Zhang Zhizhen is afuturistic vehicle with almost no operating costs. The super-efficientvehicle harvests solar energy on the move and utilizes it to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is later used to power the vehicle, promising a truly green ride. The spherical wheels of the vehicle […] Read more

Futuristic Opel Flow Solar Powered Concept Car

The Opel Flow is a concept vehicle designed by Miika Heikkinen torepresent Opel in the year 2049. The Flow is a single-seat zero-emission vehicle that allows people to navigate the city in a relaxed and cleanway. When not in use the vehicle integrates to the infrastructure toprovide resting places and to recharge onboard batteries. The […] Read more

FSU’s futuristic house makes grid connection obsolete

Youmight have installed the world’s largest solar array on your roof, butlike other solar-powered gadgets, the array won’t do any good on anovercast day and after dark, making you suck power from the grid whichisn’t always green. Researchers at Florida State Universitythink that they’ve nailed the problem with a system that generatessolar energy during the […] Read more