FUTUREWATCH: Will Piezoelectric Energy Replace Batteries?

The Alternative energy industry, as we all know, is growing exponentially. Till now we have successfully produced energy from fossil fuels, petroleum, coal, etc. And, when we realized that these sources are finite, we started exploring renewable sources like wind, solar power, tidal and geothermal power. Another potential source of energy could be piezoelectric energy. […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Transistors Made from Human Ingredients

The latest innovation of technology is the nano sized transistor made from organic materials found in the human body. Earlier silicon a semi-conductor formed the basis of modern technology including cellphones, computers and various other electronic devices but now this semi-conductor has become outdated. Recently researchers from Tel Aviv University have joined together different techniques […] Read more

Graphene: The Next Big Green Technology?

Recently the science and technology fields have been abuzz with news and studies about the rockstar material graphene. It’s hard to read the front page of a science news website without finding graphene somewhere. It’s been touted as the future of touchscreen devices and memory storage units. It’s been used to create the world’s smallest […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Tube Shaped Solar Cells in Clothing

Imagine your clothes having the ability to recharge your phone battery or providing energy for your iPod to listen to music. Imagine whatever you can because all this is going to be true in the near future. Scientists have been working on developing energy producing clothes. All this is possible by using titania semiconducting nanorods, […] Read more

Power Felt: Power from Body Heat

Power Felt is a highly promising thermoelectric device that can generate a charge from heat. The fabric can be employed to harvest power from anything that emits heat, for example, human body, roof tiles or a electronic devices. The technology has been conceived by a group of scientists at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Plastic from Plants

Bioplastics, as the name suggest, are a new breed of plastics that come tagged with the green status. These are extracted from renewable sources, unlike one’s that are derived from petroleum. Natural materials like corn starch and vegetable oils have been long used to produce plastic. For example cellulose in wood pulp is still used […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Artificial Clouds

Two years from now and the city of Sochi in Russia will be hosting the Winter Olympics, 2014. During the event you might witness the marvel of artificial clouds, designed by Asadov Architecture Studio. It was originally conceptualized for the Aerostatic Architecture Competition in 2010, and now may see the light as modular clouds floating […] Read more


A team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame, led by Prashant V. Kamat, has developed a semi-conductive paint that turns surfaces on which it is applied into solar cells. The solar paint is described in U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2009/0114273 (’273 Application), entitled “Nanomaterial Scaffolds for Electron Transport”. Single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Purifiers

Do you think conventional water purifiers are eco friendly? In fact, they are not. Though not consuming energy, we cannot describe all water purification systems eco friendly products. Of course, using carbon filter, a coconut derivative, is an environmentally friendly option for water purification process. But the thing is that you will have to dump […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Paint-On Solar Cells

A team of researchers from University of Notre Dame was engaged in developing alternatives to silicon based solar technology. In a recent breakthrough, they have developed semiconducting nanoparticle from titanium dioxide. These nanoparticles generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. According to the research report from Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano), these nanoparticles, coated […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Driverless Vehicles

Our dependence on automobiles has seen a massive increase in production. Cars are being churned out in huge numbers to meeting growing consumer demands. SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and coupes now come in different styles, all stunning and having the potential to make heads turn. But this has led to a slump in supply of conventional […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Panels Generating Energy from Indoor Light

Dwindling natural resources and the ever-growing demands of the human populace have led us to seek out alternative means of living. The good news is that nature’s sources can give us an endless supply of raw materials. The world’s dependence on conventional resources like fossil fuels has led to a slump in supply as it […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Floating Solar Power Plants

For today’s world, which is thirsty for more amount of energy resources, the novel concept of floating solar plants can be a source of great joy and contentment. There will be many critics around there who feel that this is a far fetched idealism, impossible to be implemented. However, this is not a vague idea, […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Self Generated Energy Products

While the greatest drive of the eco-conscious generation is to use renewable sources of power, attempts are being made to replace every possible gadget run by non-renewable sources with green products that curb environmental pollution and reduce over brimming of the landfills. Berlin based eco-conscious engineer, Benjamin Beck has made a noteworthy move in this […] Read more