The Fujitsu Solar Latern

Whether it is automobiles, gaming, robotics or any piece of technology you can think of, Japanese have always surprised you with their highly advanced technology. To raise the bar further, they have come up with a device which is not just ‘green’ but is also a potent disaster management utility. Fujitsu BSC has invented a […] Read more

Fujitsu Develops Generator to Produce Power from Light, Heat

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a power-generating hybrid generator that can convert both light and heat into usable electricity. Made from organic materials,the device was announced at the 2010 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco. Developed for use in energy harvesting, the device works in aphotovoltaic mode when the lighting conditions are good […] Read more

Applied Materials (AMAT) Gets Service Contract From Fujitsu Microelectronics

Applied Materials just announced that it has been granted a contractto service Fujitsu’s 300mm semiconductor factory in Mie, Japan. Underthe contract, Applied Materials will service 100 chipmaking st ystemsat the plant that use the company’s  Applied Performance Service(TM)solution. Applied Materials will also use Applied E3(TM) advancedequipment and process control technology to improve the efficiency andprofitability […] Read more