05 Dec

Soft Costs: The Most Expensive Part of Solar Install


With the precipitous drop in prices to manufacture solar modules - down 75% over the past four years, so-called …

04 Dec

Solar Parity: Arriving by 2025


The idea of parity for solar power, the day when power from solar panels costs …

12 Nov

50 GW Solar Production: A 2014 Reality?


For the first time, the amount of solar photovoltaic modules manufactured across the world could …

29 Oct

Solar PV and Energy Storage The Time is Now

The Solarserver

June 16th, 2013 was a big day for renewable energy in Europe. On this sunny, …

24 Oct

Top 4 Current Solar Industry Trends


Solar Power International is in full swing in Chicago, complete with the flurry of merger …

23 Oct

India Throws $10 Billion at Smart Grid

Greentech Media

India has a power grid that is ripe for renovation and transformation. More than a …

18 Oct

Top 25 U.S. Companies by Installed Solar Capacity

The Daily Fusion

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Vote Solar Initiative (Vote Solar) released the …

04 Oct

Shared Renewable Energy Program Welcomed in Orlando


America has long questioned whether or not customers would be interested in renewable energy as …

11 Sep

PV Industry Recovery: Is It Happening?

The Solarserver

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has been struggling for almost two years. Massive over-capacity …

31 Jul

Apple’s New Nevada Datacenter is Solar Powered


Apple’s newest datacenter, under construction in Reno, Nev., plans to take advantage of the sun …

29 Dec

New Plant Mimicking Machine that uses Solar to Generate Fuels


A team of researchers in the US and Switzerland have created amachine that like plants …

09 Nov

Fat Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

Cleantech, Applied

The next time that someone complains that solar energy is tooexpensive and will never be …