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27 Oct

Middle Class Love Solar Power


Rooftop solar has been growing so rapidly in the US over the past few years …

18 Sep

Why Conservatives Love Clean Energy


The costs of technologies like solar have dropped enormously over the past few years, making …

12 May

President Obama Visits Applied Materials

Cleantech, Applied

President Obama rode Air Force One into Austin, Texas, to shine a spotlight on the …

10 Feb

My Open Letter to Fox & Friends

Founder's Blog

Those silly kids over at Fox & Friends really went on a rant against solar …

08 Feb

Fox News Misreports Clean Energy (again)

Scaling Green

It’s getting to be a tired old story, but Fox News yet again has misreported …

26 Oct

The Politics of Solar

Energy Refuge

Bill Powers, of Solar Done Right, tells Business Week in a timely article about the …

07 Oct

Study: Fox News Reports Misleading Representations of Climate Change

In 2007 News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch claimed that Fox News coverage of climate change …

18 Jul

Take That, Cleantech Haters

Scaling Green

Something tells us the cleantech haters on Fox News Channel won’t be talking about this …

24 Apr

WHAT? Fox News Runs Positive Story on Solar 3D

Energy Refuge

Solar3D, a company that develops a three-dimensional solar cell technology to increase conversion efficiency, appeared …

24 Apr

Dealing with Good Energy News

3000 Quads

Because so much of the conversation about energy issues is oriented around changing the behaviour …

02 Feb

Why Can’t the Media Get Renewable Energy Right?

Green Chip Stocks

I continue to be surprised by the bad and shallow analysis of renewable energy subsidies …

08 Dec

Fox News: Treating Solar Industry Worse than Obama

Climate Progress

A recent Fox Nation post claimed that the “ENTIRE Solar Industry” is on the “Brink …