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In Focus: Dupont’s Solar Quality Standards

Solar installations were removed from twenty-four San Diego Unified School District campuses after corrosion was discovered that threatened the possibility of electrical issues that could lead to fires. The 4.3-megawatt installation was built in 2005-06 by Solar Integrated Technologies (SIT). SIT was acquired by Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) (PINK:ENERQ) in 2009. ECD’s Uni-Solar manufactured the […] Read more

Solar + Nanotechnolgy: The Future of Energy

One of our Solar Energy World Facebook fans requested a blog post about solar power and nanotechnology. These two technologies combined could pave the way for even more efficient and cost effective solar power generation in the future. This post will give an overview of the concept of nanotechnology, and the effect that it may […] Read more

Mitt Romney Loves Fossil Fuels

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. It is but the latest incarnation of a longstanding Republican obsession with oil and gas. Romney’s energy strategy is reliant on Canada’s environmentally disastrous tar sands. He wants to expedite the Keystone XL pipeline, reduce regulations on hydraulic fracturing and ease the permitting process for offshore […] Read more

The 4 Best Ways to Fight Climate Change

I’ve been thinking about my up-coming meeting with Dr. Raj Pachauri, who, among other things, serves as the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Pondering this in advance of the meeting, I wonder what I would do, given the power, to deal with climate change. I suppose the overarching principle I would […] Read more

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 MW lower than they would be without utility energy efficiency programs[1].  If it is correct it represents perhaps 100 power plants that did not need built that would have otherwise been required.  Similarly, the EIA data shows that electric usage […] Read more

Obama Fast Tracks 5GW of Solar Projects

Just a couple of weeks ago the Department of Interior announced the final version of the solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) allowing solar projects to be developed on specified lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management throughout U.S. desert southwest. Now the Obama administration is fast tracking nearly 5 gigawatts of solar and […] Read more

We Need Future Energy Now!

“Leopards and elephants often wander in…”says the manager of a tea plantation in India, left in the dark without electricity after the near total collapse of India’s electric grid.  Trains stopped, miners were stuck underground, traffic lights went out, and homes and businesses were left without electricity.  It was the world’s largest blackout, affecting more […] Read more

U.S Energy Subsidies: By the Numbers

The latest reminder of the unfairness of life comes from the good folks at GOOD magazine and graphics partner DeepLocal. In a handy chart, they show just how stuffed the fossil fuel industry has gotten on government tax breaks and cash handouts, while the much smaller share of federal backing that goes to renewable energy […] Read more

Why We Need More Energy in the Economy

Preface: As per my usual, this post is more or less a narrative, and is definitely not math-centric. But, still, nothing quite conveys the stark reality of a thing like its governing equation.  So, two of those found their way in here, but both are short and explained in English. With that, let’s look at […] Read more

A Fossil Fuel Future?

The fossil fuel industry is aggressively pushing its drill-everywhere-drill-anything agenda, which would open up every square inch of America to extraction. So what would happen if we gave the industry what it wants? Today, the Center for American Progress released “America’s Future Under ‘Drill, Baby, Drill,’” describing where we may be in the year 2030 […] Read more

Solar Subsidies vs. Fossil Fuel Subsidies

As reported in Reuters, researchers at the University of Tennessee’s Baker Center for Public Policy recently published a report indicating that the US government’s support for solar energy is absolutely no different than support for other energy sources, despite what fossil fuel companies would have you believe. The reality of the subsidy situation is quite […] Read more

California Votes NO on Fossil Fuels

California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has determined the state doesn’t need to invest in any new fossil fuel plants through 2020, and even beyond that. CPUC voted unanimously to defer any investments in fossil fuel infrastructure because the existing electricity supply can meet state demand through 2020. And it is also reasonable to defer procurement of generation after 2020, they […] Read more

Is the U.S Ditching Clean Energy for Fossil Fuels?

The story of American energy used to be that we consumed and imported too much, that fossil fuel reserves were finite, and that a technical breakthrough in clean alternatives would save us. How 20th century. The new narrative of American energy is this: We’ve been using less. A national boom in oil and gas production […] Read more

Do Americans Like Fossil Fuels?

A new Pew survey conducted last week has indicated a shift in attitudes regarding the use of renewable energy. According to Pew’s findings, 52% of those surveyed now say it’s very important to explore sustainable resources like wind and solar to address the nation’s energy demand while 39% see expanding the production of oil, coal […] Read more