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Walmart the Greenwasher

Although Walmart makes regular announcements about its progress toward sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions are growing, not declining. In fact, since Walmart launched its greenhouse reduction effort in 2005, self-reported emissions are up 14%, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing climate polluters in the country, says “Walmart’s Assault on the Climate,” a report released by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. On the Greenhouse Gas 100 list, […] Read more

New York’s Cleantech Big Tuna’s

It’s Energy Week in New York. If we’ve done our jobs correctly, this list of the top ten cleantech leaders in New York today should inspire both enthusiastic agreement and infuriated disagreement. The exciting thing about the sector today is that its prizes are up for grabs: riches, power and influence are easy to identify […] Read more

Fortune 500 Companies Starting to Offer EV Charging @ Work

Employees could soon find it easy to keep plug-in electric cars charged because 26 major corporations and government entities will offer charging in their parking lots. Last month, 13 major US corporations signed on as charter members to the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, which commits them to installing EV charging infrastructure at the workplace. Workplace charging is […] Read more

Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio

The amount of solar used in Ohio is about to rise by 10% – why? Simply because Walmart is installing solar PV on the roofs of 12 stores in the state. This demonstrates the influence a huge corporation’s shift to renewable energy can have. With 4.5 megawatts of solar, Walmart has about a tenth of […] Read more

Google’s Renewable Energy Investments Top $1B

Google, a company that has been carbon neutral since 2007, is about to top $1 billion in renewable energy investments. The company is a huge energy consumer; its data centers’ operations use as much energy as nearly a quarter of a million households. But Google is using renewable energy not only to fuel its own […] Read more

Has Apple Improved their Sustainability Efforts?

With the declining progress of environment in today’s world, many movements enter the scene to prevent it. Manufacturers begin to use eco-friendly materials to produce products that will help save the environment. However, recurring reports are against Apple’s “contribution” to the ecosystem. In the past few years, Apple has been faced with issues regarding the […] Read more

In Focus: Corporate Sustainability in 2013

Despite ongoing economic difficulties around the globe corporate spending on sustainability is expected to increase in 2013. However, we still have a long way to go before sustainability is where it needs to be to reverse our dangerous trajectory towards runaway climate change. A Verdantix study indicates that corporate spending on sustainability, environmental, and energy […] Read more

Top 50 Companies: Brandlogic’s 2012 Sustainability Leadership Report

Each year Brandlogic examine 100 prominent global brands for their report. The select group of 16 companies listed below are Leaders that excel in both real sustainability performance and stakeholder perceptions. Six Challengers from 2011 are new to the Leaders list. In 2011, Brandlogic introduced a powerful new tool for sustainability and communications executives called […] Read more

Green Product Line Launched by Walgreens

Walgreens, the largest US drugstore chain, is launching its own private label green products line that spans more than two dozen personal care products and household cleaners. Its Ology line includes baby lotions, adult shampoo and conditioners, dish detergent, fabric softener, glass cleaner, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and “tree-free” tissues, paper towels and copy paper. Dubbed as the first nationally accessible and affordable brand formulated […] Read more

Walmart Announces Additional Sustainability Index Initiatives

Last month we reported that Walmart would evaluate its buyers on the sustainable products they purchase as part of their annual performance review, in an effort to get more of those products to store shelves. Now, Walmart has kicked that up a notch. At an event in Beijing, the company announced more initiatives that will green its supply chain […] Read more

Walmart’s China Supply Chain: Getting A Sustainable Facelift

One of the world’s largest corporations has announced a series of initiatives to make the company’s supply chain a bit more sustainable, particularly in China. At an event in Beijing, Walmart said that it will use the Sustainability Index to design more sustainable products, make its global supply chain more socially and environmentally accountable, and […] Read more

Did Apple Drop the Ball by Leaving EPEAT?

After announcing earlier this week that it would no longer participate in EPEAT environmental certification for its computers, Apple quickly changed its mind. Responding to negative feedback from “many loyal customers,” Apple has rejoined the EPEAT. “We look forward to Apple’s strong and creative thoughts on ongoing standards development,” says EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee. “The outcome […] Read more

The Big Tunas Get It: GE, Buffett, Google, Apple go the Clean Energy Route

Google is backing it. So is Warren Buffett, America’s most-watched investor. GE, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, is too. Each of these corporate icons is placing big bets and hundreds of millions of dollars on a future powered by wind and solar power. Apple just joined them, announcing plans to power its main U.S. […] Read more

eBay Goes Solar in Utah

In the spring of 2010 eBay opened Topaz, the first wholly-owned data center in South Jordan, Utah (which was awarded LEED® Gold status by the US Green Building Council). Since then eBay has continued to invest in Utah and worked to demonstrate commitment to make their operations even more efficient and sustainable, with this latest rooftop […] Read more