18 Feb

Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

The Green Market Oracle

Despite all of the efforts being made to resist the construction of the Keystone XL, it …

19 Jun

Reduce Your Global Footprint and Energy Consumption


Current methods of electrical energy generation consume large amounts of non-renewable resources and emit considerable …

25 Feb

The Internet’s Carbon Footprint


Please consider the environment before not printing this page.  That request asking you to kindly …

12 Aug

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 …

07 Oct

SunPower to Measure and Report its Carbon Footprint $SPWRA

We talk a lot on this blog about how solar panels can cut monthlyelectricity costs …

20 Jul

How Big is a Solar Panel’s Carbon Footprint?

Energy Boom

People are quick to point out that solarpanels have a carbon footprint that enthusiasts often …

11 Jun

Applied’s Environmental Footprint

Cleantech, Applied

In 2007, Applied Materials set goals forimproving its environmental footprint worldwide. These goals were basedon …

26 Feb

UAE Heroes of Carbon Footprint Reduction

Cleantech, Applied

Recently,I learned The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the highest per capitaecological footprint in the …

01 Dec

Lowering Chip Manufacturing’s Carbon Footprint

Cleantech, Applied

Lotsof innovation in the semiconductor industry goes towards making chipsmore energy-efficient. Less attention is paid …