12 Dec

The Future of Touch Screens

Cleantech, Applied

Last month, Applied Materials hosted a touch screen panel (TSP) workshop in Germany near the …

06 Dec

Solar Industry Scalable Design Services


If you’re one of the thousands of solar installers comprising the 64% of national marketshare, …

01 Aug

In Focus: Thin Glass For Energy Storage


Researchers at Penn State University are working on a new type of thin glass capable …

17 Jul

Battery Backed Solar: Big in Germany

Greentech Media

Storing solar power in batteries is an attractive concept to the homeowner who wants to …

26 Mar

HiFlex Researchers Develop Flexible Organic Solar for Mobile

The Daily Fusion

A technology developed by the HiFlex research project promises flexible, lightweight, on-the-go charging for mobile …

21 Jan

Empa Scientists Acheive 20.4% Flexible CIGS Efficiency


A record breaking thin film solar cell has been developed by scientists at Empa, the …

27 Dec

Peel and Stick Solar

2050 Magazine

A new ‘transfer’ style application process allows thin, flexible solar panels to be applied to …

18 Dec

Will Future Cell Phones Save Flexible Solar?

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, also known as CIGS solar cells are enabling a new suite of flexible applications …

06 Dec

FUTUREWATCH: Flexible Cell Phones from Samsung

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Flexible cell phone displays are on the horizon. Samsung is planning to start production of …

24 Oct

Belectric Aquires Konarka’s Organic Solar Cell Assets

Greentech Media

Belectric, a Germany-based solar developer, financier, and construction firm with more than one gigawatt deployed …

08 Jul

In Focus: Folding Solar Panels

Green World Investor

Are lightweight and portable devices, used for charging rechargeable batteries, cell phones, GPS, computers, satellite …

04 Jul

SoloPower Raises $10M for Flexible CIGS

Greentech Media

SoloPower, a manufacturer of CIGS-based flexible thin-film solar panels, raised a bit more debt and …