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FITs and starts

How would you like it if your utility paid you a fair price for allthe extra solar energy your rooftop system produced?  Would you beinclined to, say, supersize your system and generate solar power foryour neigbhors?  Of course you would!  And that’s why solar advocateshave been pushing for years to require utilities to implementFeed-in-Tariffs that

EnviroMission Solar Tower fits Arizona bill

EnviroMission’s Solar Tower technology fits the bill of new rules topromote renewable energy, including solar power, in the State ofArizona.Rules drafted by the Arizona Corp. Commission (ACC) andapproved by Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard, October 20, 2010,took immediate effect. The ACC rules now require utilities inArizona to provide an Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) for an

Feed-in Tariffs, Solar Boon or Boondoggle

A feed-in tariff, or FiT, is designed as an incentive to energyproducers to develop renewable energy sources, and usually consists ofa rate, fixed by legislation, that guarantees higher returns thanconventional energy sources. For example, if energy from fossil fuel generation were billed tocustomers 0.10 cents per kilowatt hour, energy from renewables wouldlikely command 0.20 cents