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House Questions Solyndra Loan Package

House Questions Solyndra Loan Package

Top Obama Administration officials on Wednesday faced questions regarding White House’s support to failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra Inc., a company which had received $535 million in federal stimulus loan guarantees. Solyndra, previously touted as an innovative company that would utilize stimulus money to create jobs and lead the economic recovery, filed for bankruptcy protection


In Focus: Solar on College Campuses

Higher education in the U.S. is a very progressive part of our society. The actions of students, the university board members, and the faculty affect many other parts of the community and set examples for our future. Universities that are taking the initiative to go green by investing in energy efficient technology and renewable energy


Solar Decathalon 2011 Preview

After two years of planning, many sleepless nights, and crash courses in construction, the university teams competing in this year’s Department of Energy Solar Decathlon are ready to build! The Team Meeting to kick off the competition brought all the students together for the first time for final instructions, a good meal, and pep talks


The Insane Growth of Touch Panels

Just this year, we have seen a virtual explosion of touch panel growth fueled by the world’s seemingly insatiable appetite for touch-enabled devices. It is hard to say whether this growth will be tempered or continue amidst the promise of even greater adoption of mobility devices and invention of new “must have” products. In either


ComEd Smart Grid Legislation Vetoed in Illinois

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) has vetoed legislation that would have authorized a multi-billion investment in modernizing Illinois’ electric grid while maintaining strict regulatory oversight and consumer protections. Along with fellow Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Governor Quinn formally axed the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (Senate Bill 1652) stating that the bill “puts too heavy


Solar Powered Schools In California

California’s solar schools use solar electricity installations as a teaching tool. The Foundation for Environmental Education has partnered with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to bring renewable energy education into under-served communities through highly-visible solar installation systems. The Foundation for Environmental Education is a non-profit organization that is seeking to build the next generation of


5 Alternate Fuels Beyond Hydrogen

The steady exhaustion of conventional energy sources have left us with acute energy resources. The way out is to generate energy from mother nature and its abundant natural endowment in various alternative forms. Alternative fuels provide choices to the users and they can set their priorities according to the convenience and abundance. Let us enrich


Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Hits 20%

The worldwide implications for nuclear power advocates in light of the 11 March disaster at Japan’s Daichi Fukushima nuclear complex, battered first by an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami, are slowly unfolding. Nations committed to nuclear power are being subjected to a relentless PR barrage by nuclear construction firms, who stand to lose billions if


Falling PV Prices = U.S Solar Pipeline Booms

With solar module prices falling closer to the $1 a watt threshold, many manufacturers are struggling to keep their heads above water. But project developers are doing quite swimmingly. The continued decreases in panel prices are causing a boom in commercial-scale development throughout the U.S. According to analysis from Solarbuzz, the non-residential project pipeline has


New Jersey: Doing Solar Right

New Jersey was arguably the strongest major state market in the U.S. in 2010, growing the fastest of the major markets with yearly installations increasing 139 percent to 137 megawatts.  Second only to California, New Jersey had a total installed capacity of approximately 260 megawatts, with 112.6 megawatts coming from non-residential installations, 19.7 megawatts from