Small Solar: Back in Favor

We have long been supporters of small solar rather than big utility-scale plants that cover thousands of acres. As federal subsidies in Europe and the US contract, lenders are wary of risks, panel prices are falling further, and utilities are less interested because of low natural gas prices, small solar projects between 1-20 megawatts (MW) are […] Read more

Floridians Favor Solar Energy

This one’s sort of a no-brianer, isn’t it, folks in the Sunshine State in favor of solar energy? I bet they’re also in favor of oranges, clean beaches, and the control of drug trafficking too. In any event,  according to The Florida Independent, 87% of Floridians view solar energy “favorably.” Florida TaxWatch recently reported that […] Read more

Coal Dropped in Favor of Solar, Gas for Nevada Project

Energy project developers have dropped their plans for a coal-firedpower plant in southeastern Nevada, opting instead to deploy acombination of solar panels and natural gas turbines. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev), Mesquite Mayor Susan Holecheck and TonyJames, President and CEO of Blackstone Group, yesterdayannounced the change. Instead of the 750-megawatt (mW) coal-poweredToquop Energy Project — which was slated for […] Read more