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FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Bionic Eye

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Bionic Eye

A retinal implant or a bionic eye has been developed by scientists at Stanford University in California. It is powered by light as compared to present day implants which are run on batteries. This device uses a unique pair of spectacles to shaft a stream of light into the eye. This sends signals to the


3 Solar Stocks to Keep an Eye On $STP $SPWRA $JASO

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE: STP) recently announced that it acquired 375MW of ingot and wafer slicingcapacity in China.  The wafer manufacturing capacity is being spun offfrom a subsidiary of Glory Silicon Technology Investments (Hong Kong)Limited, in which Suntech has an equity stake. The company will acquirethe remaining 70% shares of the capacity for