26 Jul

Berkeley Engineers Develop Cheap III-V Thin Film Production Method

The Daily Fusion

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed an inexpensive method of growing thin …

17 Dec

Cash Grants for Commercial Solar to Be Extended

Brightstar Solar

An $858 million tax bill is sitting on President Obama’s desk and isanticipated to be …

17 Dec

Solar and Ethanol Subsidies Extended


In a move that was much needed for renewable energy and ethanolindustries, the U.S. Senate …

12 Dec

Renewable Energy Grant Likely to Be Extended


The word out of Washington late this week was that senators and theObama Administration have …

05 Feb

SunRun 4 Free Months of Energy Extended!


The SunRun program, which HelioPower offers, enabling homeowners to receive 4 free months of electricity …