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Suntech Closes Arizona Factory

Suntech Closes Arizona Factory

Suntech, on the heels of several losing quarters and a boardroom bloodbath involving the removal of its wealthy founder as chairman, is closing its 50-megawatt Goodyear, Arizona solar panel factory. This was a factory once heralded by Suntech (and its former CCO Andrew Beebe), as a sure sign that Suntech was committed to building PV


DOE Tries to Stop Sale of Evergreen Ribbon Patents $ESLRA

I previously wrote about the patents for sale as a result of the bankruptcy of Massachusetts PV company Evergreen Solar. Those patents include U.S. Patents Nos. 6,814,802, 7,022,180 and 7,507,291, each entitled “Method and apparatus for growing multiple crystalline ribbons from a single crucible” (collectively “Ribbon Patents”). The Ribbon Patents cover Evergreen’s core innovation, a PV manufacturing process known


Evergreen’s String Ribbon Patents for Sale $ESLR

Evergreen Solar (Evergreen), a Massachusetts silicon PV maker, recently announced that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and would try to sell its assets under the reorganization. According to the Greentech Media report, those assets include “the String Ribbon technology that is at the core of Evergreen’s existence.”  Without String Ribbon, Michael Kanellos wrote, “Evergreen’s assets are

Recapitalization Plan Sinks Evergreen Solar $ESLR

EvergreenSolar’s balance sheet is a common concern in nearly every earningsconference call. After reviewing earnings on November 4, I concludedthat Evergreen Solar (ESLR) “remains a very speculative bet on survival.” After Monday’s announcement of a major recapitalization plan, it is clear that ESLR’s balance sheet remains in precarious shape. The recapitalization plan is complex but


Evergreen Solar Tanks 16% $ESLR

Evergreen Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: ESLR) yesterday announced the approval of its recapitalization plan designedto align the company’s capital structure with its current business model and to improve its position for future growth. The restructuringstrategy starts with efforts to reduce the company’s outstandingindebtedness and annual interest expense. To execute this plan,Evergreen will exchange a “substantial portion”

Evergreen Solar announces recapitalization plan $ESLR

Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar powerproducts with its proprietary, low-cost silicon wafer technology,announced that its Board of Directors has approved a comprehensiverecapitalization plan to align the company’s capital structure with itscurrent business model and to better position Evergreen Solar for future growth. The recapitalization plan, if fully executed, will:* Substantially reduce

Evergreen Solar Introduces New ES-E Series Solar Module $ESLR

Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar panels withits proprietary silicon wafer technology, has launched the new ES-ESeries String Ribbon solar panels. These new panels feature ahigher voltage than previous models, making them compatible withmicro-inverters for residential installations, the company says. Theyare also IEC 61701 salt-mist-certified, making them suitable forinstallations in coastal regions.

Will Evergreen Solar Survive? $ESLR

Evergreen Solar’s sudden resurgence in October remains a mystery to me. Nothing in the recent third quarter earningsreport explains the sudden return of enthusiasm to the stock. On theother hand, there was just enough reassurance in the report to onceagain suspend fears of the worst outcomes. ESLR remains a speculativeplay on the company’s survival through


Has Evergreen Solar Bottomed? $ESLR

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) is picking up where it left off. ESLR ended September with a 20%, 2-day gain, and for October, the stock is already up another 50%. In just two weeks, ESLR has rolled back over four months of losses. ESLR is currently showing off its “Made in the U.S.A.” solar panels at Solar


Evergreen Solar CEO Jumps Ship $ESLR

Evergreen Solar today announced that MichaelEl-Hillow will become the new CEO. He replaces Richard Feldt who hastaken a job as CEO of a privately held company. El-Hillow has been associated with Evergreen for years. He served aschairman from October 2005 to January 2007 and then he stepped intobecome CFO. COO was added to his duties

Evergreen Solar’s Website 2.0 $ESLR

Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon solar panels with its proprietary silicon wafer technology, has unveiled its new website at www.evergreensolar.com. The site has been designed to serve all current and potential EvergreenSolar customers, including end users, installers and distributors, thecompany says. Current Evergreen Solar direct customers will be able toaccess their own

Evergreen Solar’s Fall $ESLR

Ten years ago, Evergreen Solar had a successful IPO.  Ventureinvestors like Nth Power did very well in that liquidity event. The solar industry in 2000 was tiny compared to the current market,totaling somewhere in the 175 megawatt range, a figure that pales incomparison to the approximately 12 to 15 gigawatts that will ship in 2010.