5 Ways to Prepare for a Solar Site Evaluation

You like the idea of generating clean, green solar energy.  You’ve heard the price of solar components have gone down, the price of electricity keeps going up, that solar incentives are at its highest, and you’re sick of our country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels.   Consequently, you decide to contact a few solar installers in […] Read more

Solar Site Evaluation and the New SunEye 210

One of the leading manufacturers of solar site assessment technology announced therelease of a new version of its product today: the Solmetric SunEye 210is now available, ladies and gentleman of the solar industry. If you’renot thrilled to your fingertips, Gentle Reader, it’s probably becauseyou’re not a solar installer; but if you’re curious about why this […] Read more

ULVAC to launch thin-film characterization system

ULVAC Inc. has developed and will launch the MPEC-1300 Multi-ProbeEvaluation of Thin-Film Characterization system for evaluatingthin-film characteristics in the tandem type thin-film solar cellproduction process. In the deposition process of solar cellmanufacturing, evaluating characteristics such as deposition qualityand deposition thickness uniformity is essential to maintain productionyields. The evaluation of deposition characteristics, however, hasrequired multiple systems […] Read more