16 May

Will Mercedes Launch a Fuel Cell Car by 2014?


Different automakers seem to have different perceptions towards hydrogen fuel cell technology. While some believe …

16 May

The California Energy Commission Invests $100M in Alternative Transportation

Green Chip Stocks

The California Energy Commission recently adopted a 2012-2013 Investment Plan Update that would pony up …

15 May

China Saves Car Startup Aptera Motors

Green Chip Stocks

A vehicle with a 200 MPGe has just been saved from the scrapheap. Aptera Motors …

15 May

A123 Reports $125M Q1 Loss

Greentech Media

A123 (Nasdaq: AONE) confirmed a record loss of $125 million in the first quarter of …

10 May

Tesla Helps Toyota Go Electric

Greentech Media

Electric drive lessons learned the hard way by Tesla Motors have made it possible for …

09 May

BMW, Real Goods Solar Team Up on PV+EV


Yet another car maker has partnered with a solar company to actively promote the electric …

08 May

Los Angeles: The New EV Hub?


Along with winning the the E-Visionary Award from the World Electric Vehicle Association, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio …

03 May

Ford Launches Electric Vehicle Push


Primetime viewers throughout the United States experienced Ford’s sly efforts to promote the upcoming Focus …

29 Apr

Technology Adoption Rules Facing Electric Vehicles


I suggested recently that the solar-charged driving and EV revolutions are stuck in first gearand, …

27 Apr

BASF Increases Lithium-Ion Batteries Investment

Green Chip Stocks

German chemical company BASF (PINK: BASFY) is expanding its presence in the lithium-ion battery technology …

27 Apr

The Future of Transportation


Worldwide, transportation accounts for a strikingly large share of the total energy consumption. Consequentially, a …

25 Apr

Hybrids Less Carbon-Intensive Than EVs in Most States

Yale Environment 360

The U.S.’s continued reliance on coal and natural gas to generate electricity makes efficient gasoline-powered …