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Does EV+PV Save More Money?

Does EV+PV Save More Money?

Thanks to the ever-increasing cost of fuel bills, solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a viable source of power for financially savvy consumers. However, solar energy isn’t exactly a new business; solar cells were invented in the early 19th century when scientist, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, observed that the presence of sunlight was capable of


Ferrari’s New Hybrid Technology

Ferrari has filed a patent for hybrid technology, which will use a pair of electric motors and a pack of battery. It was Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari chief, who evoked cynical choler last month after reporting that the company has been working on hybrid technology for its V12 cars. The patented hybrid system will use two


Tesla Motors and SolarCity Team Up

When it comes to Tesla Motors, the sustainable ambit doesn’t stop at the exalted Roadster, one of the worlds’ finest electric powered sportscar. In fact, the celebrated automaker has now embarked on a differently ambitious route of ‘greenness’. This time a collaborative endeavor with solar panel leasing company SolarCity entails the creation of a packaged


Consumer Reports: People Want Fuel Efficient Vehicles

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 93 percent of respondents “support increased fuel efficiency.” People want greener cars as is evidenced by the fact that 77 percent are in favor of car manufacturers producing more fuel-efficient vehicles, and 80 percent agreeing with fuel economy standards requiring fleet averages to top 55 miles per gallon by


The Fisker Atlantic Sedan

Nicknamed Project Nina, Fisker’s new sedan was announced the night before the 2012 New York International Auto Show opened. Leaked prototype drawings had audiences piqued and ready for the big unveil. What we saw was a smaller luxury sedan (sporting a mustache) with the features to fit the modern-day family. Designed as a plug-in hybrid,


Walgreens Adds 13 More EV Charging Stations

Walgreens (NYSE:WAG) and Car Charging Group, Inc. are planning on expanding their EV charging station partnership. Both companies have agreed on installing 13 more EV charging stations at Walgreens locations in the Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg areas. In addition, the two companies have also stated they plan on rolling out more EV charging stations in


The Jaguar F Type Hybrid

  The F-Type production car will look like the C-X16 concept that was revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Automobile Mag reports that the hybrid F-Type is “going to be fabulous.” Jaguar worked to maintain a pure, disciplined design that fits in with the car’s sporting nature. It will be launch as a roadster,


‘G-Electric’ Mercedes-Benz Now Available

Exhibiting the core essence of ‘boxy’ styling and body on frame construction, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class epitomizes robustness with its entire propensity. So, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that this boisterous vehicle is used in many parts of the world as a military carrier. However, some designers aren’t wholly satisfied with the automobile’s intrinsically