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Siemens’s eHighway Coming to California

Siemens’s eHighway Coming to California

Germany multinational corporation, Siemens, has been working to make ‘eHighway’ systems a reality. The system combines hybrid trucks with overhead electrical wires that enable the heavy vehicles to run on electricity. The technology has already been tested in Germany to successful results. Now, the corporation is looking towards the United States, Los Angeles and California


The California Energy Commission Invests $100M in Alternative Transportation

The California Energy Commission recently adopted a 2012-2013 Investment Plan Update that would pony up $100 million to bolster the use of alternative fuels and alternative energy-fueled vehicles. Here’s the breakdown of the $100 million: $20 million to aid in the development and production of biofuels from sources ranging from waste to algae. $11 million


Los Angeles: The New EV Hub?

Along with winning the the E-Visionary Award from the World Electric Vehicle Association, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got some other related good news. Colorado-based Boulder Electric Vehicle decided to lease a building there to assemble its electric trucks. At full production, it’s expected to build 1000 vehicles a year and employ 150 people. “Face it, L.A.,


Ford Launches Electric Vehicle Push

Primetime viewers throughout the United States experienced Ford’s sly efforts to promote the upcoming Focus Electric. Ford has run ads across major networks as well as the NBA playoffs that tout the benefits of the Focus Electric. These ads are clever because they are largely unbranded aside from a small disclaimer about the Focus Energi’s


Technology Adoption Rules Facing Electric Vehicles

I suggested recently that the solar-charged driving and EV revolutions are stuck in first gearand, at least in terms of numbers, can’t really be considered revolutions – although the concept of solar-charged driving very definitely is revolutionary. The main reasons for the comparatively slow adoption of EVs and solar-charged driving are cost and competition. The


BASF Increases Lithium-Ion Batteries Investment

German chemical company BASF (PINK: BASFY) is expanding its presence in the lithium-ion battery technology field. On Thursday, the company announced its acquisition of Novolyte Technologies, a maker of lithium-ion electrolyte formulations. Though BASF would not release financial details, it revealed that it is acquiring the company from previous owner Arsenal Capital Partners. The purchase


The Future of Transportation

Worldwide, transportation accounts for a strikingly large share of the total energy consumption. Consequentially, a large share of the world’s carbon emissions can be attributed to transportation as well. This share is actually disproportionately large due to the necessity of having liquid fuels for most automobiles, planes, and trains. However, the transportation sector is also


Hybrids Less Carbon-Intensive Than EVs in Most States

The U.S.’s continued reliance on coal and natural gas to generate electricity makes efficient gasoline-powered vehicles a lower-carbon alternative to electric vehicles in most states, according to a new report by Climate Central. In an analysis of life-cycle emissions from vehicles, based on how electricity is generated in each state, researchers found that the hybrid


Green Diesel Cars Coming to India

The Indian automobile market has grown rapidly over past couple of years. India has come up as one of the active car markets of late. The lifestyle is changing very fast and almost everybody is feeling the necessity of owning a car. There was a time when traditional cars prevailed in the Indian market; but