21 Feb

Tesla Stock Down After Earnings Release

Green Stocks Central

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported earnings last night that provided a bit of fuel for skeptics, …

14 Feb

The Best of the Green Cars


Thanks to some, I’m sure, backbreaking research done by the American Council for an Energy …

06 Feb

Can China meet its Electric Vehicles Target?

The Green Leap Forward

New energy vehicles are one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries.  Unlike its other “new …

23 Jan

The Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve


Here’s an article that presents some specious logic associated with electric vehicle adoption.  In particular, …

09 Jan

Global Lithium Ion Electric Vehicle Battery Market: $22 Billion by 2020

2050 Magazine

The tipping point for the mainstream acceptance of electrically-powered cars may already be with us, …

08 Jan

Tesla Superchargers Attack Eastern Seaboard


Which comes first the chicken or the egg? The highway-ready electric vehicle (EV) or the …

03 Jan

Electric Vehicles: 35% Cheaper to Maintain

2050 Magazine

Much ink has been spilled over whether or not electric vehicles are a cost-effective replacement …

18 Dec

Nissan’s Hybrid Plans Revealed

Green Chip Stocks

Nissan gave an update on a slew of eco-targets Wednesday, highlighting cuts in CO2 emissions …

18 Dec

Infographic: The Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations


Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular for many reasons. Not only do they save …

13 Dec

Tesla’s Solar Charged EV Plan


Many people dream big, but relatively few follow through and make those dreams a reality. …

07 Dec

Going Somewhere? Consider these Green Options

Cooler Planet

Bounce Your Way to Work: We’ll start from the ground up, with the perhaps most …

05 Dec

Envision Solar Partners with Cadillac


The installation of an Envision Solar Tree at the Fremont Cadillac Buick GMC dealership in …