04 Mar

Carbon Capture From Natural Gas in the UK


The first industrial carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project from natural gas has been given the go-ahead by …

20 Feb

Utilities Killed Arizona’s Solar Industry


Arizona was one among just a couple of states in the country that lost solar …

13 Feb

BMW’s Laser Light Technology


When talking about lasers, most people would only think of scenes from their favorite sci-fi …

28 Jan

Solar Bridge Opens in London


After five years of planning and construction, a solar bridge now spans the River Thames in London. …

22 Jan

Arizona Rooftop Solar Applications Drop After Tax


In the first nine days since Arizona Public Service imposed its $5 per month maximum fee on …

15 Jan

Utilities: Scared of Rooftop Solar Growth


Californians installed nearly as much rooftop solar in 2013 as they did over the last …

09 Dec

Solar In Europe is Now Mainstream


One of the factors in determining the viability of alternate energy sources is the cost. Ten years …

06 Dec

Why Solar is Beating Wind


Renewable energy helps sustain energy in a way that is protective of the environment. However, …

03 Dec

China: Now The World’s Largest Solar Market

The Solarserver

In October 2013 NPD Solarbuzz Inc. (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) published a new analysis which …

20 Nov

APS Loses Battle Against Solar

The first battle between a large electrical utility and consumers dedicated to choice, competition and …

15 Nov

Khosla Invests In BBOXX


Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla is investing $1.5 million from his personal fund to help a …

25 Oct

Self Driving Cars: Not That Close to Reality


Perhaps one day in the future autonomous cars will be a regular part of our …