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Watch Out Utilities: Here Come The Technology Giants

Watch Out Utilities: Here Come The Technology Giants

One of the more outspoken and forward-thinking executives in today’s energy industry is NRG Energy’s CEO David Crane.  When recently asked who NRG’s competitors will be in the future, he responded: “If you ask me who I worry about beating us, I give very little thought to the traditional power companies, the utilities.”[1] He then went


Renewable Energy Mutual Funds are Rocking!

Alternative energy MFs have had stellar returns in the past three and 12 months, all showing gains in the double digits. ETFs have also done well on average, but returns are much more variable, as detailed below. Mutual Funds Returns remain excellent for alternative energy MFs overall, with annual returns ranging from 54.5% to 15.8%.The


Will Solar ETF’s Shine in Reaction to Prop 23 Failing?

California’s Proposition 23, which would have suspended the state’s greenhouse gas law, was roundly defeated. Margot Roosevelt for The Los Angeles Times reports that this was the largest public referendum in history on climate and cleanenergy policy. Wealthy Californian philanthropists and nationalconservation groups beat out the Independent Texas based refiners thatlaunched the initiative. Lest you


China: The Force Behind Solar ETF’s

While the United States hems and haws on crafting a firm energypolicy, China is already there and it’s giving a boost to solar ETFs. The sun and its energy are on many investor’s minds, and China may be thedriving force behind these funds. China’s National EnergyAdministration has taken bids from solar-power developers to build out13


Time To Back Up The Truck on Solar ETF’s?

So it goes: oil and gas prices have fallen off, which means thatinterest in alternative energy has declined in kind. Solar ETFs are down significantly for the year, but will it always be so? Last week, SunPower (SPWRA)gained 22% on decent first-quarter profits, which helped propel Claymore/MAC Global Solar (TAN) 8% higher, reports Don Dion


Market Vectors Environmental Services ETF (EVX)

The finance industry provides green investors with a wide sortiment of green ETFs (exchange traded funds).  Today I will take a look at the Market Vectors Environmental Services ETF (NYSE:EVX). Market Vectors Environmental Services ETF seeks to replicate theperformance of the NYSE Arca Environmental Services Indes (AXENV). Theindex includs companies that engage in business activites of wastedisposal,

PowerShares Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW) ETF

PowerShares Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW) ETF PowerShares Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW) is an interesting exchange traded fund (ETF) that tries to replicate the performance of WilderHill Clean Energy Index. WilderHill Clean Energy Index (ECO) tracks the clean energy sector:specifically, businesses that should benefit from a societal transitiontoward use of cleaner energy and conservation. Stocks and

Not All ETF’s are Created Equal

Below are two ETF’s related to the oil market sector – one iscapitalization weighted (RYE) and the other is Equal weighted (IYE). You can see from three stocks that are common to BOTH ETF’s thattheir percentages in the respective ETF’s  are very different and youwill also note that the performance of the equal weighted ETF

How Clean Energy ETFs Have Fared Of Late

You can’t really complain about the returns in any clean energy ETF over the past few months… A quick quarterly calculation of QCLN, PBD, PBW, GEX, FAN, andTAN—all exchange-traded funds comprised of U.S. and foreign-listedclean energy stocks—shows that each and every one of those tickers hasreturned better than 40%. That’s compared to just around 18%