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Trends In Alternative Energy Process Equipment

Trends In Alternative Energy Process Equipment

Applied Materials (AMAT), the largestproducer of microchip process equipment to companies such as Intel,which has a major foothole in several U.S. cities including the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, predicted the future trend of a solar energy boom in 2006, leveraged its resources and know-how with respect toanalogous flat-panel display processing, and developed a product line

Oerlikon is top equipment supplier in ’10 BEST’ survey

The results of the highly anticipated “10 BEST” customer survey from VLSI Research have ranked Oerlikon Systems as the best in the category “THEBEST Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment” for 2010. “The 2010 VLSI survey results for Oerlikon are even better than last year”“Congratulations to Oerlikon Systems for a well-deserved award,” lauds G. Dan

PV production equipment show opens

Baden-Wurttemberg’s regional capital, Stuttgart, will host the world’slargest trade fair for PV production equipment from April 27 to 29. ThePhotovoltaic Technology Show is convening for the sixth time. Last year, the event met in Munich. Around 350 international exhibitorswill present their innovations at the Stuttgart convention center andapproximately 15,000 visitors are expected to attend. The

Shipments For PV Equipment Up 44% In 2009

Despite stagnant sales at the beginning of 2009, shipments ofphotovoltaic technologies grew 44% in 2009 to 7.9 GW, according to the Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipments, Capacity & CompetitiveAnalysis 2009/2010 report recently released by NavigantConsulting Inc. "2009 was a challenging year for manufacturerswith low sales until the middle of Q2, followed by strong demand,crashing prices and low revenues,"


Saudi Arabia, Japan Plan Huge Solar Desalination Equipment Plant

Saudi Arabia, which depends on desalination for most of its fresh waterneeds, has implemented many ideas to make desalination a moreeconomically viable and eco –friendly option, which includes setting up solar powered desalination plants.   Recently, Saudi infrastructuredeveloper ACWA Holding joined hands with Japanese companies, Toyobo andItochu corporations to form the Arabian Japanese Membrane company.

Spire Signs Sales Agreement With Japanese Equipment Firm

Spire Corp. has signed an agreement with Tokyo-based Napson Corp. as its exclusive solar capital equipment representative in Japan. "Thisagreement further demonstrates Spire’s commitment to our Japanesecustomers," states Roger G. Little, chairman and CEO of Spire Corp."Napson has successfully served Japan for 25 years with productssimilar to Spire’s manufacturing and test equipment." Source


Opportunities Galore In PV Manufacturing Equipment Market

According to IMS Research, the world market for PV manufacturingequipment – more than $5bn in 2008 – is projected to exceed $9bn in2013. Asia, China in particular, is expected to be a key growth driver,accounting for over half of photovoltaic manufacturing equipmentrevenues through to 2013. Suppliers of photovoltaicmanufacturing equipment largely see the market moving to

New Jersey Solar Equipment Rebate

This week, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announcedyet another solar incentive for the state: rebates onJersey-manufactured solar equipment. From the BPU’s press release (PDF) yesterday: The New Jersey Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive(REMI) offers consumers, businesses, and municipalities that purchasesolar panels, inverters, and racking systems manufactured in New Jerseya rebate of up to


A Fast, Green Way to Service Equipment

Whensomething goes wrong with a process system, manufacturers needimmediate help. Thanks to the internet, there’s often no need to get ona plane when you can use a humble web browser to peer inside machinerylocated thousands of miles away. Using Applied Materials’ remote accesscapability, the company expects to avoid enough travel to save morethan 650,000 pounds

Portugal solar PV equipment market to rebound in 2011

Research and Markets has announced the addition of GlobalData ‘s new report "Portugal Solar PV Equipment Market to Rebound in 2011" to its offering. Portugalis one of the emerging hotspots for solar PV in the world. ThePortuguese government has one of the most ambitious renewable energytargets in Europe in order to become energy self sufficient

PV Technology Equipment and Market Report

Yole Développement updated its new markets and technological study dedicated to the photovoltaic industry: Photovoltaic Technology Equipment & Market Report 2009. Inits analysis, Yole Développement takes into account the financialcrisis: the company presents an overview of the PV industry includingall markets and technological impacts. This markets and technologicalstudy offers a full description and analysis of

Solar-powered Equipment For Soldiers

Atpresent, soldiers carry up to 70kg of equipment, out of which about 10%is the weight of the batteries that are required to charge theirradios, counter-measure devices and flashlights. Researchers at the University of Glasgowbelieve that the weight of the backpacks of future soldiers will beconsiderably lighter, as the number of batteries in there will bereduced.

Watch for fallout in equipment companies as solar crisis hits in 2010

Solar equipment companies will feel the impact of a looming solar industry crisis in 2010 according to the report: Opportunities in The Solar Market For Crystalline and Thin Film Solar Cells, published by The Information Network. “Inour release on September 3, we forecast that in 2010 the solar industrywill exhibit capacity utilization of 25.7 percent,