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Ascent Solar enters into joint development agreement with GlobalWatt $ASTI

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., a developer of flexible thin-film solarmodules, has partnered with GlobalWatt Inc., a specialty solarapplications company, to develop a new line of adaptable, retractablesolar modules to quickly add an extra source of power to existing solarapplications. The integration of an additional power unit without the weight and rigidity of a standard crystalline


Corning Enters the Solar Industry $GLW

The phenomenal growth rate and sheer potential size of the solarindustry has begun to attract industry behemoths such as Samsung,Siemens, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, LG, Honeywell, Hyundai, Honeywell, andGE.  Add Corning to that list. It’s a sign of a maturing industry as well as a recognition thatthere’s money to be made in the solar sector that these


BrightGrid Enters Residential Solar Financing Market

Residential solar remains a difficult sell. It’s a big ticket item that drastically alters the look of a cherishedhome. Asking homeowners to pay for it upfront, regardless of plungingsolar panel prices or incentives, is an uphill battle.  Just take a look at the rooftops in your neighborhood to confirm that. The residential Power Purchase Agreement

Sputnik Enters U.K. Photovoltaic Market

Sputnik Engineering AG, based in Biel, Switzerland, plans to supply the U.K. PV market with inverters beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. The company says it has optimized its devices to British standards(Engineering Recommendation G83/1 and G59/2). The products for the U.K.include string inverters SolarMax S (with a rated output of 1.8 kW


JDSU Enters The CPV Market

The concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market has beenlong on promise and short on results.  But there have been a few hopeful signs of late. Kleiner Perkins saw fit to invest $130 million into CPV systems vendor Amonix.  And shortly after that fund raise, Cogentrix announced a 30 megawatt project with Amonix.  That’s easily the largest CPV

Nanotech enters into definitive agreement with EPOD Solar

EPOD Solar Inc. has signed a definitive stock purchase agreement withNanotech Industries International Inc. for the reverse merger of the two companies. NTII is a San Francisco based Company whichmanufactures and sells Green Polyurethane Binder and Green PolyurethaneMonolithic Floor Coating, a green product line which is environmentallyfriendly, completely eliminates toxic isocyanates from polyurethane,increases quality and

CNPV Enters Partnership With MPower

CNPV Solar Power SA, an integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, has entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with MPower, an Australia-based supplier of renewable energy products. Under the terms of this strategic agreement, CNPV expects to supply MPowerwith a total of 30 MW of PV modules from 2010 to 2012, which includes 5MW

Grape Solar Enters Partnership With Wise Power Systems

Wise Power Systems, a Wilmington,Del.-based provider of renewable energy project services, has partnered with Grape Solar to manufacture and market pre-assembledready-to-install solar power PV kits in Ontario. Wise Powersystems will use the PV solar panels manufactured by Grape Solar in thedesign and engineering of the complete pre-assembled kits. Locallymanufactured, pre-engineered kits will be marketed to

Sulfurcell Enters U.S. Market

Sulfurcell, a Berlin-basedmanufacturer of copper indium sulfide (CIS) thin-film solar modules, has initiated U.S. operations. The company says its full line of German-made CIS modules is now available in the U.S. for a variety ofrooftop and building-integrated applications. Sulfurcell’s NorthAmerican operations will be run out of new offices in Los Angeles.The company plans to develop

Petra Solar Enters Supply Agreement With Flextronics

Petra Solar, a supplier of grid-tied, pole-mounted, distributed solargeneration systems for utilities, and Flextronics, an electronicsmanufacturing services provider, have signed an agreement underwhich Flextronics will build Petra Solar’s SunWave smart energy modules. The partnership will enhance Petra Solar’s ability to supply its SunWavepole-mounted solar energy systems to international customers, giving the company the flexibility and

Wurth Solar Enters Israeli Market

Wurth Solar, a Germany-based manufacturer of solar power modules and aprovider of photovoltaic systems, has signed an agreement withBar Energies, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. This agreement allows thecompany to enter the Israeli solar market. Wurth says its initial activities in Israel will focus on standard roof-mounted androof-integrated solar power systems and will later include

Panasonic Enters Solar Market Through Sanyo Acquisition

Panasonic Corp. plans to introduce HIT-215 Series solar panels that were developed through the company’s acquisition of Sanyo last year. Theproducts are expected to be available in July, the Mainichi Daily Newsreports. Panasonic plans to expand its Japanese sales of itssolar energy technology to 450,000 kW of capacity by fiscal-year 2012. The HIT-215 Series features

EJOT Enters North American Solar Market

EJOT Solar FasteningSystems, based in Germany, has introduced its products to theNorth American solar market through its partner, Lincolnwood,Ill.-headquartered ATF Inc. EJOT will serve the U.S., Canada andMexico, and will export to Latin America and the Caribbean. The companyoffers a range of fasteners designed for rooftop solar installations oncommercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Source