21 Oct

Ascent Solar enters into joint development agreement with GlobalWatt $ASTI

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., a developer of flexible thin-film solarmodules, has partnered with GlobalWatt Inc., …

12 Oct

LG Electronics Enters North American Solar Market

Solar Industry

LG Electronics Inc. says it has entered the North American commercialsolar market. The company says …

11 Oct

Corning Enters the Solar Industry $GLW

Greentech Media

The phenomenal growth rate and sheer potential size of the solarindustry has begun to attract …

29 Sep

BrightGrid Enters Residential Solar Financing Market

Greentech Media

Residential solar remains a difficult sell. It’s a big ticket item that drastically alters the …

07 Sep

Sputnik Enters U.K. Photovoltaic Market

Solar Industry

Sputnik Engineering AG, based in Biel, Switzerland, plans to supply the U.K. PV market with …

02 Sep

JDSU Enters The CPV Market

Greentech Media

The concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market has beenlong on promise and short on results.  But there …

20 Aug

Nanotech enters into definitive agreement with EPOD Solar

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

EPOD Solar Inc. has signed a definitive stock purchase agreement withNanotech Industries International Inc. for …

12 Aug

CNPV Enters Partnership With MPower

Solar Industry

CNPV Solar Power SA, an integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, has entered into a …

29 Jun

Grape Solar Enters Partnership With Wise Power Systems

Solar Industry

Wise Power Systems, a Wilmington,Del.-based provider of renewable energy project services, has partnered with Grape …

25 Jun

Sulfurcell Enters U.S. Market

Solar Industry

Sulfurcell, a Berlin-basedmanufacturer of copper indium sulfide (CIS) thin-film solar modules, has initiated U.S. operations. …

22 Jun

Petra Solar Enters Supply Agreement With Flextronics

Solar Industry

Petra Solar, a supplier of grid-tied, pole-mounted, distributed solargeneration systems for utilities, and Flextronics, an …

09 Jun

Wurth Solar Enters Israeli Market

Solar Industry

Wurth Solar, a Germany-based manufacturer of solar power modules and aprovider of photovoltaic systems, has …