energy storage

08 Apr

In Focus: Energy Storage by Rail


A new way of storing energy could soon take off - energy-storage-by-rail, developed by Advanced Rail Energy …

18 Mar

Illinois Fast Tracks the Smart Grid

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

In a victory for Illinois residents and the environment, Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) today formally …

04 Mar

Carbon Capture From Natural Gas in the UK


The first industrial carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project from natural gas has been given the go-ahead by …

27 Feb

Tesla’s Giga Factory Will be INSANE

Greentech Media

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some more details on the proposed battery factory: Pioneering EV …

25 Feb

Toyota’s Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging


Though it’s something that Nissan has been familiar with for quite some time, Toyota is …

24 Feb

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

Clean Energy Collective

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their …

23 Jan

Sugar to Power Future Electronic Gadgets?


Some sweet engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a high-energy battery that runs on all …

19 Dec

Harvard Students Create “Dirt Powered’ Light for Africa

Sustainability at Harvard

A team composed of Harvard students and alumni was among the winners of the World …

14 Dec

DOE Announces Energy Storage Plan

Greentech Media

Grid-scale energy storage system prices have to come down, not just the cost of the …

12 Dec

Batteries: The Key to Energy Storage


What do you do with a trillion dollars when you don’t have a safe to …

12 Dec

Hitachi’s CrystEna Energy Storage System

Greentech Media

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi …

09 Dec

‘Smart Cities’ Guide Released

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

On November 18th, the Smart Cities Council released the Smart Cities Council Readiness Guide at the Smart City Expo …