energy storage

In Focus: Energy Storage by Rail

A new way of storing energy could soon take off - energy-storage-by-rail, developed by Advanced Rail Energy Storage North America. The first project is set for Nevada which would help stabilize the regional power grid so it can handle more renewable energy.   It’s a low-tech approach to large-scale energy storage. When rates are low a train drives uphill and then, when […] Read more

Illinois Fast Tracks the Smart Grid

In a victory for Illinois residents and the environment, Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) today formally proposed to the Illinois Commerce Commission an accelerated timetable for completing its deployment of four million smart meters. ComEd began installing smart meters last fall as part of the Energy Infrastructure and Modernization Act of 2011. With this proposal, the Illinois utility […] Read more

Carbon Capture From Natural Gas in the UK

The first industrial carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project from natural gas has been given the go-ahead by the British government with Shell as the contractor. Shell UK is launching the design phase for Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It would capture over 85% of CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and then transport it through an existing pipeline […] Read more

Tesla’s Giga Factory Will be INSANE

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some more details on the proposed battery factory: Pioneering EV maker Tesla just announced a $1.6 billion convertible debt offering. Tesla looks to offer $800 million of convertible senior notes due 2019 and $800 million due 2021 to build the world’s largest battery factory. Musk predicts that the new factory […] Read more

Toyota’s Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging

Though it’s something that Nissan has been familiar with for quite some time, Toyota is now beginning to test wireless charging systems for its plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. According to Toyota, The charging system uses magnetic-resonance technology, which transmits electricity by utilizing the magnetic resonance resulting from changes in magnetic field intensity between a […] Read more

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their roofs or elsewhere to reduce electrical costs and CO2 emissions, many others do not have the correct roof orientation or size required. In addition, because a number of business and residential properties are rented, the occupants do not have the […] Read more

Sugar to Power Future Electronic Gadgets?

Some sweet engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a high-energy battery that runs on all natural sugar, and it could be sweetly powering your smartphone in three years. Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor of biological systems engineering at Virginia Tech released his findings on sugar batteries this week. Using sugar to power a battery […] Read more

Harvard Students Create “Dirt Powered’ Light for Africa

A team composed of Harvard students and alumni was among the winners of the World Bank’s Lighting Africa 2008 Development Marketplace competition, held in Accra, Ghana, from May 6 to 8, 2008. The team’s innovation, microbial fuel cell-based lighting systems suitable for sub-Saharan Africa, netted the Harvard group a $200,000 prize. According to the World […] Read more

DOE Announces Energy Storage Plan

Grid-scale energy storage system prices have to come down, not just the cost of the actual storage components. At the same time, the value of storage has to be redefined in the energy landscape, according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Energy. The report is a summation of the storage landscape, both […] Read more

Batteries: The Key to Energy Storage

What do you do with a trillion dollars when you don’t have a safe to store it in? That is essentially the question facing the renewable energy industry right now. How do we build a safe that can store all of this valuable energy? Every day the earth is bathed in enough sunlight to provide more […] Read more

Hitachi’s CrystEna Energy Storage System

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi is moving toward marketing an energy storage system that could be a companion piece to renewable power generation — another sign of the growing interest in such products. The company said a system called CrystEna (that’s “crystal” and “energy” shortened and squished together; maybe […] Read more

‘Smart Cities’ Guide Released

On November 18th, the Smart Cities Council released the Smart Cities Council Readiness Guide at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. I am privileged to be a member of the Smart Cities Council Advisory Board, and in such a capacity, served as a review for the Guide. The Smart Cities Council Readiness Guide is the first […] Read more

Solar PV and Energy Storage The Time is Now

June 16th, 2013 was a big day for renewable energy in Europe. On this sunny, windy Sunday afternoon in the summer, solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind peaked at over 60% of Germany’s electricity demand between 2 and 3 PM. The same afternoon, Italy’s hydroelectric, PV, biomass, geothermal and wind plants met the nation’s entire electricity […] Read more

Li-ion Battery Backup Market: Ready to Launch

While stationary battery back-up systems for industrial users, hospitals and data centers aren’t the exciting new darlings of the emerging battery market, they will provide a steady and reliable source of growth and revenue for battery manufacturers that are eager to grow. While battery technology is growing by leaps and bounds to meet new market […] Read more